Make Your Own Typography Cookies

By: Jenny Batt, of Hank and Hunt.

Love fonts? I’m nuts about them and judging all the pins around Pinterest, there are a few others that are too. Minted has an amazing assortment of fonts to choose from and they inspired this simple yet fun way to update sugar cookies. Pick a font, any font and turn it into a cookie. Easier than pie. These would be perfect for a place setting for Thanksgiving or just a fun way to add interest to that standby plate of sugar cookies. I am not the best cookie decorator, so this easy bake it and leave it plain, is perfect for me.

You will need: a few favorite fonts, a printer, scissors, a great cookie dough recipe that bakes flat and a sharp paring knife.

Step 1: Add some letters to a word document or in Illustrator. Blow the letter up, these are about 400 pt.  Add more letters. Print and cut out each letter with scissors.

Step 2: Make your cookie dough and chill as directed. Roll out a small amount of dough, enough for one or two letters, to about 1/3″ thick. Place cut out letter on top and carefully cut around your template with the tip of the knife. Trim excess close to outside of the letter and place on cookie sheet. Leaving most of the dough surrounding the cookie as you move it from the table to the cookie sheet is the key to keeping delicate letters from stretching out. Once on the cookie sheet, remove the excess dough revealing the letter and smooth any bumpy edges with a toothpick or your finger.  Repeat with remaining letters.

Step 3: Bake for about 8 mins (see recipe for details), watching it for the 2-3 remaining minutes very carefully. Remember to only bake similar sized and thickness cookies. Thin script shaped cookies will cook faster than bold san serif cookies. Let cool.

You could use these cookies to top presents, make an edible garland or just for fun at your next party. Stick a few in the top of a cake as a monogram for a wedding or just make pretty cookies. If you are an icing superstar, these could really become showstoppers. I like the plain version, I think it is a pretty sweet DIY. (ha)

  1. Jackie Ashton

    love! my kids would love this too…they never get enough of the letters in their name. 🙂

  2. Emma

    So clever yet simple. Love the idea of making an edible garland. Brilliant 🙂

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  4. Cat Colbert

    What a great idea. I love the fancy script cookies, they are just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. aimee

    These are amazing I cant wait to try it xxx

  6. Diana

    If your party has a Colorado theme, most sugar cookie roughs Colorado easily with icing colors. Or roll out a few colors next to each other to create tie dye cookies.

  7. Diana

    Not Colorado. Color. I really hate auto correct.

  8. Candice

    Superb idea! I’m not a fan of sugar cookies myself but I’d definitely try making these for friends and family. They’re so pretty!

  9. Alicia c

    LOVE your ideas! Beautiful cards and I share your passion for doing cool stuff with paper!!

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  12. These are amazing! They would be perfect for a baby shower will all kinds of fonts for the baby’s name or just B or G for boy or girl. And I’m SUPER excited to have found that sugar cookie recipe too. Awesome.

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  16. Peggy

    What a great idea! These are beautiful!

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