colorful paper photo booth backdrop

Inspired by the colorful changing leaves of the season, I created a paper photo booth backdrop that would be perfect for a seasonal party. I’m thinking one with a pie spread and some wassail for good measure.

– colored paper (I used 12×12 sheets found in the scrapbook section)
– scissors or paper cutter
– large piece of white foamcore (I used a display board)
– double sided tape

Step one: Cut the sheets of paper into 5×5 squares. You can use scissors but a paper cutter is much quicker.

Step two: Fold all the squares in half diagonally.

Step three: Adhere a piece of double sided tape to the half of the paper that will sit flat on the foamcore. Place four folded 5×5 squares in the square pattern pictured. Repeat to cover board.

For the record, the top paper is more red in person. I know trees aren’t pink.

(Sometimes you have to bribe the model with some Halloween candy).

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  1. CUTE! and such a smart simple idea to utilize paper folds – melanie, you genius!! and, your little model could not be cuter! (halloween candy and all!!) xo

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