Mini Twig Wreath Wedding Escort Cards

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

Wedding Place Cards

There are things that immediately make us think of our favorite times of the year. Wreaths are one of those for me. When the wreaths start to make an appearance at our household, it can only mean one of my favorite times of the year, Fall. So when thinking of a great escort card for this season, mini twig wreaths seemed like the only answer.

With a quick walk around your backyard or neighborhood and a glue gun, you will have yourself a set of some fabulous escort or place cards. Grab your bridesmaids and read on for instructions!

Twig Place Cards


  • twigs (you can purchase in the floral aisle at your craft store or gather from the yard)
  • small paper tags (i cut mine from basic text weight paper)
  • pen(s) in your color scheme
  • glue gun


Fall Wedding

Step 1: Break twigs into small pieces that are about 1-2 inches. Finding pieces with slight bends or curves will work perfectly to create your circle.

Step 2: Create your base circle by glueing 5-6 of the small twig pieces end to end.

Step 3: Continue glueing on pieces until you have reached the desired thickness for your wreath.

Step 4: Label all of your guests names on the paper tags.

Step 5: Attach name labels with glue gun to each wreath.

Fall Wedding Decor

Escort Card Display

I hung my set of escort cards on a cork board with simple straight pins. Add some foliage and fresh flowers to complete the look.

You can label each cork board with the table, or add the table number to the paper tag. If you are foregoing the escort cards and sticking with place cards, simply place these on each guest’s napkin on their plate. However you style them, they are sure to be a fun little token for guests to take home and keep as a fun memory of your wedding day!