Easy Halloween Washi Tape Candles

By: Jenny Batt, of Hank + Hunt Perfect for any dinner party, but exceptionally fun for Halloween, these decorated candles are made in minutes with washi tape. It’s a great way to dress up your standard taper candle and it comes right off to change your designs. The options for pattern and color are endless, but I love the look of gold on black taper candles. They pair well with vintage brass candle sticks and would look lovely at any party this season.

You will need: gold washi tape, candles and scissors

Step 1: Choose a color tape and candle to match your decor.

Step 2: Cut out two pieces of similar size about 2.5 ” long. Cut each end at 90 degrees straight across. Line up the two ends of the pieces as shown. Do this in your hands or on a plate so you can peel it off and stick on your candle.

Step 3: Place the corner pointed down on your candle and wrap one side around.

Step 4: Flip over candle. On the back, lightly press down one end of the tape. Place the other side down and bend back, folding the line where it goes past the other piece. Peel up a little and trim. Peel up other side and repeat with the overlap. This will create a clean point.

Step 5: Press down. Repeat as many times as you want decorations on your candle. Keep the designs to the bottom half of the candles so they don’t burn.

Step 6: Alternately, you can arrange the strips vertically, overlapping slightly on the edges. Be sure to line up the top and bottoms to create the look of one band around the candle.

Step 7:  Another idea, arrange the strips vertically but don’t overlap the edges, leave a space between. This is shown on the third candle. Mix and match or make them all the same and pop them into the candle holders to enjoy at your next dinner party.

Gold washi tape really pops on any color candle. These would be lovely on dark hunter green candles for thanksgiving or on white for a gilded Christmas. Cut out dots with a hole punch and make your candle polka dotted. Experiment and have fun.