The Happy New Year’s Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer and Hope Tammany, Minted Community Team

Happy New Year’s Special Prize Winners! Every year, more and more people choose to send unique, personal New Year’s cards to family and friends. So in this challenge, we asked the Minted Design Community to help customers ring in the New Year by giving them the freshest designs out there. The special prize winners below each stood out among an incredible collection of designs. Congratulations, winners!

Simply Minimalist Award for the best New Year’s card that is simple, edited, and clean

New Little One” by Susan

Susan’s “New Little One” really lets the customer’s photo shine. Her wide, white background frames the photo nicely, while her minimal but playful text adds just the right amount of New Year cheer. Lovely!

Runners Up: “From the City” by Fig and Cotton Paperie | “The Classic” by 2birdstone | “Golden Cheer” by Sarah Curry

Can’t Pick Just One Award for the best design that incorporates 3 or more photos

Simple New Years Card Collage” by Nathan Poland

With his first Minted win (congrats!), Nathan created a wonderfully modern design to showcase your photos. We love the way the clever cutout effect lets your loved ones peek out for the New Year. The overlapping numerals are a stylish touch.

Runners Up: “Don’t Box Me In” by Stacey Meacham | “A Year of Memories” by Pistols | “Vintage Ticket” by Kristie Kern

Visionary Award for the most unique New Year’s card that you wouldn’t see on other sites

Champagne Pop” by Shari Margolin

Shari makes the New Year both celebratory and fun with this unique design. We love her unusual twist on an iconic New Year’s symbol. The clean layout and simple color palette let the details of her lovely, personalizable label stand out.

Runner Up: “Our New Year’s Resolutions” by Kristen Smith

Great Shape Award for the best use of one of Minted’s die-cut shapes

Bright Pop” by Katherine Moynagh

We love the sweet simplicity of Katherine’s “Bright Pop.” Her use of the shape doesn’t just work with this design, but actually adds a nice sophistication to it. Her minimalist text and use of a full-bleed photo are perfectly balanced by her bright pop of color.

Big Picture Award for the best full-bleed photo design

Inline for a New Year” by Sincerely Jackie

No matter the photo, it’s sure to leap out at you thanks to Jackie’s striking full-bleed design. The spare, modern touches are just perfect for this card, and the curvilinear text and neat hatch marks add interest to the design without distracting from the photo.

Runners Up: “Script Confetti” by Alethea and Ruth | “Feliz Ano Nuevo” by Up Up Creative

Elegance Award for the most elegant, classic, and timeless New Year’s card

The Happiest New Year” by Kimberly FitzSimons

It’s no surprise that Kimberly takes the cake for our Elegance Award. Her sophisticated style is truly timeless and “The Happiest New Year” is a great example. We love how the classic script boldly spills outside the bounds of the card in a modern way.

Runners Up: “New Number” by Chryssi Tsoupanarias | “Golden Laurel Wreath” by Petite Papier | “Art Deco” by Hooray Creative

Feeling Festive Award for the most fun, festive New Year’s card

Baby’s Countdown” by Loree Mayer

This design just makes us smile! Loree’s countdown is so playful and colorful. Although it’s called “Baby’s Countdown,” this design would surely add personality and cheer to just about any photo.

Runners Up: “A Sharp New Year” by Pink Hippo Prints | “Noisemakers” by Hooray Creative | “Confetti New Year” by Sarah Curry

Masculine Award for the design that appeals to our male customers as much as our female ones

Simple Stripe” by Amber Barkley

Amber has perfected the gender-neutral design with “Simple Stripe.” Her clean 4-photo layout makes the customer’s photos the center of attention while her bold swatch of red provides room for sentiments (without being too sentimental itself!).

Runners Up (from left): “Calmly Modern” by Amanda Claybrook | “Editor” by toast & laurel | “New Adventures” by Oscar & Emma

Laughing All the Way Award for the funniest New Year’s card that just makes you laugh

OMG” by Lori Wemple

There’s so much fun packed into Lori’s card – and we’re sure many parents can identify with her good-natured message! We love the trappings of “tweenhood” interspersed with her vibrant mix of typefaces, and the energy just leaps off the page. Start the New Year with a laugh!

Runner Up: “One for Us” by Up Up Creative

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts customers’ names or other personalizable details of a curvilinear path

Midnight” by lena barakat

Lena’s “Midnight” seems almost magical. The starbursts and dots play beautifully between the sweeps and curls of her hand-lettered “New Year.” Our favorite part is that the family name fits so seamlessly within the rest of the design.

Runner Up: “Simple Frame” by Iwona K

Bright and Bold Award for the design that best uses bold and bright colors for the New Year

neon + new” by robin ott design

It’s easy to see why Robin’s “neon + new” takes our Bright and Bold Award! There’s so much life and energy in this design; a great way to celebrate a brand new year. Her off-kilter photos and casual tape swatches fit so well with her cheerful type.

Runners Up: “Chevron New Year” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Festive Stripes” by Paper Dahlia | “Rainbow Bright” by Ann Gardner

Customer Favorite Award as rated by Minted customers

Festive Letters” by b.wise papers

We have to say, we weren’t at all surprised to find that “Festive Letters” was the highest-rated design among our customers. A large photo, festive but clean text, and just a touch of faux-glitter really make Alston’s design stand out.

  1. lori

    Congrats, everyone!! Beautiful works + awesome picks!! 🙂

  2. My congrats to everyone too. So crazy about minted and proud of this win.

  3. Amanda

    Congrats to all! Great designs!