A Mod Cow Birthday Party

By Kelli Hall, Minted Event Stylist

Mod Cow Table My little guy adores everything cows, so when it came to designing his second birthday, I knew cows would be a dominant element…But, instead of going the direction of country cow, I took a bright, bold direction and opted for a more modern, or “Mod Cow” theme. Check out the post for more on how I styled it, along with details that made it special…

I looked to minted party decor patterns for inspiration, found Brandy Brown’s Modern Minted set and knew it would be the perfect starting point for our cow theme. The lattice party decor patterns have a combination of high contrast black and white to reference cow colors, with hints of mint and acid yellow to suggest sunshine and soft grassy green. The irregular stripe patterns even look exactly like stylized blades of grass! To reinforce the high-contrast modern feel, I integrated a bold runner.

cake and cow party invite To continue the cow theme with the cake, I bought a simple black and white cake covered with dark chocolate ganache and labeled it “Manure Drizzled Cake”. To complete the messy feel, I added edible dragonflies. The Happy Day invitation was the perfect find for a Mod Cow theme, featuring bright happy letters and a full black and white photo of Luke on the back. I even managed to work some cow-themed language into the invite with the wording “Light grazing for grown-ups, Dinner and treats for little calves”.

bottles and cow

Place Setting with Cow At each place setting, I layered a single paper plate, a piece of giant confetti, a small cow figurine, and a votive cup filled with bubble gum “grass”. For a place card, I used simple black cards with white calligraphy by Laura Condouris.

mod cow party room To frame the treat table, I used paper table runners and hung them with staggered spacing to create depth. I also used large black balloons to add contrast and anchored them to the floor with ribbon and white cow bells.

Oreos on jadite cake stand I used these mint-colored Milk Glass Cake Stands to hold stacks of Oreos. (Luke had to taste test a few before the party!)

Moglea's Farm Party Print as a Pin the Tail Game One of my favorite details of the day was the Pin the Tail on the Cow game! For the pinnable game board, I used Moglea’s Farm Party art print in charcoal, mint green and acid yellow. To create the “tails” I used paper wine tags and attached cow tails crafted from this natural twine. As an extra bonus of using this art print, the cow rear-end was the perfect height for little hands to reach!)

flower centerpieces To create the table centerpiece, I spray painted inexpensive glass bottles and grouped them on the center of the table. Just before the party, I cut several Japanese Aster blooms and dropped them in the vases.

cow lollipop and crown I found the perfect lollipops from an amazing gourmet vendor on Etsy. These custom black and white swirled lollipops look exactly like cow print and taste like vanilla and black tea. Boss Girls Inc. elevates lollipop making to something of an art form. Check out their beautiful work here or contact them directly for custom lollies.

Little guy at party I even chose the room’s artwork to suggest a modern cow theme. Koshi’s soft-yet-bold shapes in his Three Again are the perfect organic forms, slightly reminiscent of a cow pattern. Underfoot, a photo backdrop acts as the perfect kid-friendly party rug: Protecting the floor from spills and wrapping the room in the theme’s signature pattern.

Photo Backdrop and Apple Bobbing We bobbed for apples in a cow trough. I used a solid backdrop to define the game area and a simple white bucket to hold the apples.

milk carton and drink flag I found these little plastic milk cartons to hold milk at each place settings. They’re a great size for kid hands and come with lids in multiple colors.

Bobbing for apples

The birthday boy preferred splashing in the cow trough to bobbing for apples.

lattice giant confetti Little ones loved the cow figurines and treats on the table.

photo bunting and paper banner

To incorporate some photos of Luke, I alternated black and white pictures with Marabou’s Modern Minted bunting banner. The countdown style pattern in Brandy’s design was the perfect choice, because I arranged photos of the birthday boy in chronological order–from his earliest pics through his most recent photo. Minted will soon be letting you upload photos to your bunting banners!

Moon pies as cow pies Mini Moon Pies made the perfect “Stinky Cow Pies”.

drink flag and minature cow Little guests sipped soda out of glass bottles with striped paper drinking straws.

Donation to heifer card For grown-up favors, we sought out a cow-specific charity and contributed a small charitable donation. After giving to Heifer International, we printed the details onto Moglea’s Mr.Laurence design and handed these out to party guests. Our contribution covered the share of one dairy cow (Heifer International works to eradicate world hunger by giving cows to families in developing countries).

lattice photo backdrop To define the favor area, We hung a custom photo backdrop (coming soon to Minted!) behind a chest and piled it high with toys and treats.

raisins as cow dropping favors Raisinets doubled as tasty “Cow Droppings”!

cow birthday Luke gathered all of the cows in sight before his party.

favor table and signs The kids favors were sealed in tin paint cans and wrapped in patterns to coordinate with the party decor.

milk carton and drink flag

Birthday Boy

guests at party

party guests


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