ten minute gnome costume

By Melanie of You Are My Fave

I don’t think I knew that store bought Halloween costumes existed as a child. My mom would somehow find away to whip up our costume requests, often tirelessly the night before. While I didn’t inherit her sewing skills, I know how to wield a hot glue gun and with that skill made this easy gnome costume. Trust me, the craft level to create this is beginner at most.

– 1/2 yard of each red and white felt
– fabric scissors
– hot glue gun
– small elastic bands (I used some off of an old party hat, you could also use hair ties)

Step one: Cut out a cone shape from the red felt, the taller the better. Fold felt to create cone and secure with hot glue.

Step two: Cut a small hole in either side of the hat then string and knot elastic through like a party hat. Hot glue to secure the knots if needed.

Step three: Free hand cut a beard, mustache, and eyebrows out of the white felt. You can layer a few felt pieces for a little more dimension and adhere with hot glue. Then attach elastic bands to both sides of the beard (to be looped around the ears of the child) by cutting a small hole, stringing, and knotting. Attach eyebrows to hat with hot glue.

I was told this could also double as a Santa Claus costume so keep it out for the holidays.

photo credit: Nicole Coleman

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  1. LOVE this idea for a child’s costume and an adults too! : )


  2. colleen

    uyou don’t have to use a hot glue gun you can also use craft glue and if using for xmas lightly apply lue and sprinkle with glitter. instead of using the elastic from a party hat its better to sting baby multi-colored yarn.

  3. This is such a simple yet effective costume! Thanks.

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