Easy Spooky Tree Halloween Place Cards

By Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt

Halloween is on it’s way and we just decorated this weekend. I’m loving black and white with a single pop of color this year, like orange. One of the quickest ways to create memorable parties is to customize your decor. That will mean a stroll or two down aisles not necessarily for your type of party. For example, these place card holders in the shapes of little trees were actually on the wedding aisle. The shape is what caught my eye, a great twiggy form that would look fabulous a little spookier. Even the most novice crafter can rock a can of spray paint. This is the world’s easiest spooky tree diy, I promise.  Don’t be afraid to paint things, you can make amazing decor only armed with a can of spray paint. The best part is, spray paint is impossible to mess up. There are no fine lines to follow, just spray and go. Miss a spot? Spray it again. The key is just to use light coats so you don’t get drip marks, voila.


tree place card holders and flat black spray paint

Step 1: Space each tree apart on a piece of cardboard or newspaper outside. You can either lay them on their side as shown or stand up on it’s foot.

Step 2: Spray one coat lightly on each side of the place card. Be sure to come in from all angles to coat each branch all the way around. Let dry. Keep coats light, you can always repeat the spot after it dries, but drips are hard to fix. Let dry.

Step 3: Set the table. See, I told you this was easy.

Remember to keep your eyes and mind open to use things in new ways. This is a great way to recycle wedding decor, you know, if you used these at your wedding like they were intended. Halloween should be fun and easy, these place cards are super simple and I will be using them all season.

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  2. shannon

    i love it! it looks adorable and it look simple to make too, which is always a plus!