Bubble Gum Grass Placecard Holders

By Kelli Hall, Minted Event Stylist

edible grass place card holder For my son’s Mod Cow themed birthday party, I created these place card holders–complete with edible bubble gum grass–and designed for little guests to graze and nibble. Check out this simple DIY for an easy step-by-step on how to craft your own.

edible place card materials The best product i’ve found to style as candy grass is Big League Chew. I used “Wild Pitch Watermelon” for it’s mint-green color, but any color will do. The shreds work perfectly as blades of grass (I think they could work well woven into birds nests or as monster hair too!)

edible grass place card holder Materials
• Big League Chew in Wild Pitch Watermelon (purchase large packs here)
• Small votive cup
• Place card (I used these Beautifully Penned Business Cards, lettered by Laura Condouris)
• Paper clip or toothpick

edible grass in votive cup To craft the grass base, stuff a handful of shredded gum into the the votive cup, leaving the top somewhat messy and loose.

trim grass with scissors Once you’ve filled the container with bubble gum, use scissors to trim any excess pieces of grass, making sure to keep it a little messy.

edible place card

Simply insert the toothpick or paper clip in the center of the cup, and nestle the place card in the grass in front. The paper clip will act as the support structure for the card.

You could also use a clear votive cup and add crushed Oreos at the bottom for edible dirt.

Find more of Kelli on her blog.

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