monster favor boxes

By Melanie of You Are My Fave

Since haunted houses make me cry and The Ring still haunts me over ten years later, I thought a more lighthearted party theme of monster mash would be a better fit for my Halloween festivities this year. These favor boxes are fun to make and easy enough that kids can help out. You could make a crafternoon out of it.

– small cardboard boxes or containers
– various colors of felt
– small poms (optional)
– paper straws
– scissors
– hot glue

The real direction here is to just play with your supplies and have fun creating your own monsters. But here’s how I created mine:

Step one: Cut out eyes, mouths, horns, and various monster features from felt. Attach different pieces of felt together with hot glue.

Step two: Attach the facial features to the container or straws with hot glue.

Step three: Punch holes into the lid of the container with a knife and insert the straws with the googly eyes.

Step four: Fill container with treats for a sweet, monster takeaway.

For more monster mash decor, check out this Monsters Allowed! party decor line.

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  1. Melissa

    Ah, Melanie, these are so adorable! And I have to laugh about your comment about The Ring! I hate that movie with the very essence of my being. I don’t even want it being watched or talked about it my house. It’s just so awful!

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  3. Such an adorable diy idea for an October crafternoon! I also cannot do scary movies, but I can do this harmless monster craft. I hope you have a great (and not too spooky) Halloween. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ha! so much fun, melanie! this is perfect for a kiddie halloween afternoon bash… and they get to walk away with their monsters jammed full of candy!

    i loathe horror movies and question why some of them exist. yet sometimes i do a little light googling about them but then i stop myself. i am a scaredy cat for sure!!