Wax paper votive holders

By Victoria of A Subtle Revelry

Enjoy the dim light of votives for your star studded reception with these wax paper votive holders. One placed alongside florals will bring just that perfect hint of light to the evening, or stack them in various heights together for an accent table your guests will not want to miss. 

To make the wax paper votive holders you will need candles, wax paper, and an iron.

1) Begin by cutting out confetti, or purchasing enough to fill the wax paper holders.

2) Measure out the wax paper to circle each candle and double it – cut down the center.

3) Placing the wax paper glossy side up sprinkle with confetti, hearts, or the decor of your choice and top with the matching piece of wax paper glossy side down. Iron on low together.

The result is a pretty holder that allows just the perfect amount of light and festive details to show through.

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  1. beauitful! love this idea