Paper Strip Pumpkin Art

By Merrilee of Mer Mag

There has been a bit of a chill in the air and a few leaves are beginning to change colors, which can only mean one thing…we’re on the brink of FALL!  We are big fans of Autumn around here and I relish the chance to break out the pumpkin, harvest and Halloween crafts this time of year.

To celebrate this sweater loving, pumpkin patchin’ time of year, we thought we’d share a variation of our Paper Strip Easter Egg Art only this time with pumpkins!

To make these pumpkins you’ll need:

  1. Begin by cutting colored and patterned paper into strips. We cut our about anywhere from 1/2″ to  3/4″ wide.
  2. Print out two of our modern pumpkin templates onto 8.5×11 inch paper (download template here).
  3. Start by gluing each paper strip horizontally. Continue until entire body of pumpkin is covered. Use a bit of green paper for the stem.
  4. Using an Xacto knife, cut out the center of the pumpkin from your remaining modern pumpkin template.
  5. Place the template (word side facing down) over your paper strips and glue down.

The boys and I had such a fun time making many more versions of these and now our home feels so festive and fall like. Feel free to have fun with it by adding fun and spooky  jack-o-lantern faces!

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