Salt Lake City Minted Meetup and Holiday Winner’s Surprise

By Hope Tammany, Community Relations Team

Last Thursday, I traveled to Utah to host a Minted Meetup with local designers at Bambara in downtown Salt Lake City. I brought our signature banners, bunting and gift bags – and this time, we also had Mariam Naficy, our founder and CEO, on her way with one giant surprise. That night we announced the unsuspecting first place winner of our “Oh What Fun!” Holiday Card Challenge: Jill De Haan! (If you haven’t seen our video of the grand reveal yet, be sure to watch it all happen here.)  Jill’s “Hand-Lettered Christmas Wishes” was voted the #1 design by designers, customers, ,and fans out of a record-breaking 3,348 submissions. Jill came for a fun, relaxing evening with other Minted designers, and was presented with the $8,000 grand prize, a trip to San Francisco, and an enormous hug from Mariam.

We were struck that as a brand-new designer to Minted, Jill hadn’t even read the prize description when she entered our holiday challenge (the largest to date in Minted history). She’d really entered with zero expectation of winning, and just sent her wonderful designs out into the wild blue.

And so it was that our most anticipated prize of the year (and our largest challenge prize ever!) went to a wildly talented designer with just 3 submissions over 2 challenges, who confessed that she was almost too intimidated to enter. As Jill says – don’t be afraid to submit!

We had a crew of lovely local designers that night. Here’s the whole group (left to right): Noelle Stolworthy, Tayler Mitchell, Danie Romrell, Jill, Mariam, me, Lauren Waltman (a big Minted fan!), Shasta Knight, and Nikkol of Peter Loves Jane. We were happy to celebrate Noelle and Nikkol’s holiday wins too!

After the big surprise, we sat down and got to relax a bit and get to know each other. It was wonderful to see what a close creative community thrives in Salt Lake City. Through the evening, there were happy exclamations from around the table as designers discovered common ties, right down to a mutual acquaintance’s distinctive laugh.

The next morning, Mariam and Jill were off to an interview with Brooke Walker at local news station Studio 5. Check out their segment here!

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