DIY Painted Leaf Napkin Rings

By Jenny of Hank and Hunt
I am a huge fan of real napkins. Have you noticed how hard it is to find good napkin rings? If they are amazing and fun, they are expensive. If they are cheap, well, they look cheap. So I decided to make some of my own, with my own quirky take on the coming season’s palette. Yes, we have burnt orange, but it is bright and when paired with mint green, hot pink and navy, it adds a great fresh feel to the traditional table for fall. I found these individual faux leaves on the wedding aisle at the craft store, they just needed a little help.

You will need: plastic shower curtain rings, faux leaves, craft paint, paint brush, and twine.

Step 1: Gather your supplies and add paint to a paper plate or palette. Be sure to lay down some wax paper to paint the leaves on. You want to have enough space so that you can paint each color without overlapping.

Step 2: Pain your leaves. Paint the front first and let dry. Flip over and paint the backs. Repeat steps, drying between coats to cover the green color completely. You will need about 2 coats for dark colors like navy and 3 coats for lighter colors like mint.

Step 3: While leaves are drying, start wrapping your shower curtain rings. Start on one side and start wrapping. Open the ring, and holding one side firm, press the other side open with your finger, separating the two sides, to make this go faster. Wrap loosely, then after about four loose wraps, push down to the finished side, tightening as you go.

Step 4: Once you have reached the other end, and your leaves are dry, it is time to add the leaves. Snap the ring back together. Take two leaves and twist around the thin section where the ring comes together, as shown. Twist wire ends around and around until there are no parts that stick out.

Step 5: Completely wrap the rest of the ring, leaving only the pretty leaves sticking out. Tie a knot with both ends under the leaves. Trim off excess.

Step 6: Bend and style the leaves so they are slightly separated. Repeat with remaining rings.

These napkin rings are super easy and depending on your colors, can work for a variety of dinners. Use primary colors for a kid’s party with yarn or use gold leaves and black striped ribbon for a more formal affair. Or just keep the color kicked up with loads of neon.

Need more inspiration? Spray paint your leaves gold for a little bit of subtle sparkle to your table or black for a fun chic Halloween version. By the way, using spray paint is even faster, bonus!



  1. These are simply fabulous! I love the idea of making gold ones for the holidays…or perhaps gold, silver, copper and chocolate brown with a bit of glitter for Thanksgiving. Oohh, now you’ve got my creative juices flowing. 🙂

    Lisa Frank

  2. heidi

    These are so simple and elegant. I agree with Lisa, I can totally add some glitter to this. Thanks for sharing.

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