Top 10 ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Challenge Winners!

By Mariam Naficy, Minted Founder & CEO

This is the final moment that truly makes September feel like the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’ Today, as we reveal the top results of our 6th annual holiday card challenge, we honor not only the ten individuals featured here, but also all of the designers who contributed to the success of these designs with comments, critiques, and encouragement.

I am always thrilled to see designers who are new to our community rise to the top of the charts. Likewise, I find it immensely gratifying to watch familiar faces grow over time by participating in our design challenges. There are even a few designers in this year’s top 10 who submitted to the very first holiday challenge!

We truly celebrate designers at every stage and are very grateful to have you all in our community. With that, I give you the top 10 ranked designs. Congratulations, designers!

1st Place Winner: “Hand Lettered Christmas Wishes” by Jill De Haan

We were absolutely thrilled to see Jill De Haan’s “Hand Lettered Christmas Wishes” land in first place. Jill is fairly new to the Minted Community, but has made a huge splash with this design. The sweeps and curves of her hand-lettering make for such a beautiful layout. It takes incredible skill to make this artwork look so effortless. We love the flow of the watercolor and the unusual pairing of red and pinky-cream for a holiday card.

I was able to surprise Jill with the news last night at a Minted Meetup in her hometown of Salt Lake City, UT.  It was so much fun getting to know the SLC Minties and getting to tell Jill in person about her first place win! We’ll be posting all about the meetup and the surprise very soon.

2nd Place: “Bright and Chalky” by GeekInk Design

Eric is truly a master of type. The hand-lettering in this design is a stunning display of his talent and skill. We love all the movement; his mixture of angled, sweeping words with texture, depth, peaking pinecones, and flowing banners imbues a real sense of life and merriment. The chalkboard trend is still going strong and Eric’s artistry takes it to the next level (and then some)!

3rd Place: “We Are Family” by Oscar & Emma

It’s no easy feat to create a design that is both boldly full of holiday cheer and simply minimal. That said, it’s also no surprise that Karly would be the one to strike that perfect balance. The distressed texture on her bold, bright letters and seal give the design a bit of a retro feel while the happy pine needles and off-kilter type and photo make for a very modern twist.

4th Place: “Holiday Revelry” by Design Lotus

This is wonderful example of how to take a big, juicy full-bleed photo and make it incredibly fun and festive—the perfect family holiday card! Amy’s lettering adds a very personal touch. We love her tall, exaggerated letters and her happily looping script. Not to mention those adorable, starred “i”s!

5th Place: “Joy, Peace & Love” by Morgan Newnham

Another newbie breaks the top 5! We’re so excited for Morgan. This design sends all the right messages for the holiday season. We love the juxtaposition of the simple type around the bold, overlapping “LOVE.”  Beautiful work! We also loved to see the constructive feedback from other Minties that helped perfect this design (check out the comments!). Community love at its best!

6th Place: “Woodland Wreath” by Kristie Kern

Kristie’s “Woodland Wreath” is so very sweet and this die-cut shape fits it seamlessly. Her simple dots and stylized holly and berries seem to dance around the customer photo, in this case a softly sleeping baby. The subtle details from the scalloped photo frame to the curved text and light crosshatch background make this one very polished card.

7th Place: “Wordsmith” by Wondercloud Design

“Wordsmith” captures the spirit of the season in a refreshingly modern way.  The carefully chosen words are large, but light as they stack neatly on top of each other. The holiday palette showcases Olivia’s pitch perfect eye for color. These playful sentiments, along with that delicate heart, would complement any full-bleed photo.

8th Place: “Oh Baby Baby” by Jess Taich

We can’t get enough of this sweet, simple card. Jess’ lettering is so unique and playful. The unusual composition of “baby it’s cold outside” is almost sing-songy and the stylized stars or snowflakes provide a great complement. This is so cute for a new baby, but could work for just about any photo.

9th Place: “Modern Archive” by Sarah Curry

We love this very classic, but fresh design! Sarah’s greeting is so refined: clean, framed text in black and white. The low profile along the bottom of the card also leaves plenty of room for a large photo. Our favorite part has to be the customizable names and ages for everyone in the picture; they can easily be moved around to fit any photo!

10th Place: “Brushed Gold” by kelli hall

Kelli’s “Brushed Gold” just screams luxe. Her work is always so beautiful and clean and this design is no exception. The sweeping “peace” bounds across the card, even spilling outside the borders; still, the smooth brushed look and white vignette effect lend the design a certain softness. Absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations to all!

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