Top 11-20 ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Challenge Winners

By Mariam Naficy, Minted Founder & CEO

Today, we keep the holiday ball rolling with the announcement of the 11th-20th ranked designs from our ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Card Challenge. Looking at the designs below, it’s easy to see why they were so loved by designers and consumers alike. Congratulations to the exceptional talents behind these stunning designs!

11th Place: “Merry Holly” by Fig and Cotton Paperie

Oh what fun this design is! We love Erin’s quirky font choice; those playful swashes and alternate letterforms add so much personality to “Merry Holly.” The sweet little sprig and berry provide just the right amount of color against the bright white type.

12th Place: “Most Wonderful” by Hooray Creative

It’s no surprise that Kristy’s “Most Wonderful” has in fact been voted as one of the most wonderful designs in this challenge. Her hand-lettering is beautiful and charmingly distinctive. We love the way each word is so different in style and treatment, yet they all fit so nicely together. Pastel berry accents add a splash of color and fun.

13th Place: “Golden Bright” by Melanie Severin

Melanie’s “Golden Bright” is just that. This design could add a bit of holiday magic to just about any customer photo. Her sweeping “merry,” softly layered over the strong “BRIGHT” creates a lovely contrast. The simplicity of the white and faux-gold color palette is quite elegant.

14th Place: “Holly Jolly Wishes” by Griffinbell Studio

You can’t help but hum along with Lynn’s charming “Holly Jolly Wishes.” Lynn consistently blows us away with her stunning hand-lettered, hand-illustrated work. This piece combines a natural sophistication with whimsical type and festive elements like the textured trees and bursting background.

15th Place: “Glittering Joy” by Lehan Veenker

We love a design with a bit of sparkle! “Glittering Joy” is a lovely mixture of fun and refinement. Lehan’s “joy” dances gracefully across the length of the design; we love how the elegant type boldly spills outside the confines of the card. Her minimal text and subtle glow along the bottom would complement nearly any photo.

16th Place: “Merrily Scripted” by GeekInk Design

Eric does it again with this uniquely fresh design. He sends a classic sentiment with a very modern twist. We can’t get enough of his type-turned-pine-needles and a refreshing red and blue color palette that still has a distinct holiday-feel. The understated background texture adds to the casual, personal nature of the design.

17th Place: “Add Me to Your List” by Carolyn MacLaren

Carolyn takes the holiday birth announcement to the next level with this incredibly cute design. What a very clever way to introduce your little one to friends and family! Carolyn executes her over-the-top cute concept with very clean type and lines, making for a sophisticatedly sweet announcement.

18th Place: “Say It Again” by Jennifer Wick

Jen never fails to astound us with her beautiful and unique hand-lettering. “Say It Again” is a stunning example of her talent for gorgeous letterforms and perfect composition. Every word fits so effortlessly with the next; it takes a lot of work to make a design look so natural! With the perfect holiday greeting from a well-loved song, this card is sure to delight.

19th Place: “Among the Leaves” by Olivia Kanaley

Olivia’s playful foliage border would make any photo festive and fun. We love the way the organic, rounded leaves and berries grow around the edge of the card, but that they are delightfully light and airy, allowing the photo to shine through.

20th Place: “Spreading Joy” by chica design

Angela masterfully achieves a lighthearted card, using such simple and minimal design. The unusual photo placement within a bold, block “JOY” is a fun, personal way to show off your family. The sweet, transparent green banner adds a nice touch of color.

Congratulations, everyone – stunning work!

  1. Amanda

    Great pieces!! Congrats!

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    Lovely designs. Congrats!

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    Congrats everyone! Still as amazing to see as the first time 🙂

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    Awesome work, everyone!! HUGE congrats!! 🙂

  5. congrats everyone! all great designs!

  6. Leanda

    Congratulations to everyone! Amazing entries!

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    Such wonderful designs – congratulations!

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    Congratulations to everyone! Such a fresh & festive assortment! Can’t wait for the next reveal…….

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    Congratulations to everyone! Such a wonderful assortment.

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    Congrats everyone – what a beautiful assortment!!

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  12. WOW! Amazing designs, congrats everyone!!!

  13. Yolanda

    Congratulations to everyone! Gorgeous assortment!

  14. Angela

    I was ‘ooohing” and “ahhing” as I scrolled through! Congratulations everyone, simply stunning work!

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    Congrats everyone!! Wonderful work!

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    Congrats, everyone!

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    CONGRATS all! These are amazing designs!

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    Congrats to All! Stunning!

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    Beautiful designs! Congratulations to all!

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    Congrats, everyone!!

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    Congrats to all…great work 🙂

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    Holiday masterpieces! Congrats to all!

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    Congrats all – amazing work!

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    Congrats to everyone! Such amazing designs!

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    Wonderful work everyone, such a pleasure to view. Congratulations!!

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