tassle trim favor bags

By Victoria of A Subtle Revelry
Nothing says festive like the addition of bright colorful tassels. They are easy to make and can instantly turn a simple bag into an awesome wedding favor, with a hint of cha-cha. Make the tassels in bunches (with the help of your bridesmaids) and use them to adorn other details of your special day for a festive and fun way to say, “I do”.

To make the tassel favor bags you’ll need plain bakery bags and yards of embroidery thread to match the color scheme of your wedding day.

1) Start by prepping the favor bags. Cut a small slit in the top of each side of the bag and fold the top over about 1/2 an inch.

2) Next begin making the tassels; wind embroidery thread around three fingers until you have a nice thick bunch. Cut to finish the bunch off. Take a small length of the thread and tie it tightly around the top of the tassel. Then cut the bottoms off to form the free flowing tassel.

3) Gently glue the tassels in a colorful pattern between the flaps of the favor bags. Add a few extras to the bottom for added fun.


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