How To Make Giant Bunting

By Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt

One of my fail safe tricks of the trade when it comes to decorating for parties is to go BIG. Let’s face it, sometimes garland can look lonely all by itself. Whether you make a simple bunting in mini, regular or giant versions the basic techniques stay the same. It is a whole lot easier to fill a space when you go big. Less cutting and taping for you and a grand looking room for your guests is always a win-win situation.

You will need:

12 x 12 sized card stock in multiple shades

rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat (makes everything quick and easy)

twine (I used this one, the black is a deep charcoal color)


Step 1: Arrange card stock before cutting in the shade range for your party. I like to arrange it how I will string it.

Step 2: Stack card stock in 2 or 3 sheets at a time. This will make your cutting go even faster. Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut 2 inches off the side of the card stock. Identify the center of the sheet, 5 inches, and cut straight lines to both corners from the bottom center. This will form the giant pennant shape.

Step 3: Repeat this cut with all your card stock.

Step 4: Lay the string over the back side of your first pennant. Tape down at each corner. Alternatively, you could punch holes at each corner and thread your twine for a more authentic bunting, but taping is much quicker.

Step 5: Don’t make just one giant bunting. Make lots and lots. Hang and add other types of garland as desired for an over the top effect. Party.

Big garland = big fun. Trust me on this. If you are having a party in a tiny dining room the extra large garland will fill it up fast. If you are decorating a large space like a classroom or wedding venue, you will save your sanity by making 20 garlands and not 150.


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