Corporate Cheer Business Holiday Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

We’re very pleased to announce the special prize winners from our Corporate Cheer Business Holiday Card Challenge! In this challenge, we asked the Minted Community to design cards that would send goodwill and cheer in a universally celebratory way, sure to appeal to every client, customer, and friend. The Community really (Santa) suited up for this one and got down to business – so leave a comment of congratulations for our winners! You can check out our entire collection of business holiday cards at

There’s No Card Like This for the Holidays Award for the most original design that you wouldn’t find on other sites

Trading Good Cheer” by Stacey Hill

We love this very clever take on a corporate card! Stacey not only came up with a very cute, unusual idea of “trading good cheer,” but she also created a lovely design. Her simple type, minimal design elements, and subdued colors are the perfect complement to her concept.

Runners Up (from left): “Sustainable Season” by Rebecca Bowen | “Real Characters” by Susan | “Bright Season” by Chloe and Fanny | “Vote Santa” by Stacey Hill

All I Want for the Holidays Award for the best simple, minimalist design

Diamond” by Amber Barkley

Amber’s “Diamond” is sophisticated in its simplicity. Although her crisscrossing lines comprise quite a lot of the design, they are so clean and sharp that they actually create an overall feeling of minimalism. This card is certainly universally appealing for any type of business.

Runners Up (from left): “Dot the Joy with Holly” by Kim Dietrich Elam | “Black Light” by Up Up Creative | “Cheerio” by Carrie ONeal | “Colorful Noel” by Anupama

We Need a Little Logo Award for the design that best allows a customer to incorporate their own company logo

Retro Deck the Halls” by Oak Street Press

Jessica’s design is aptly named! Her stylized ornaments give this design a chic, retro feel in shape, color, and texture. She takes the cake for our Logo Award by providing the perfect spot to allow any logo to really stand out within her central ornament.

Runners Up: “Upward Joy” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Stamped Tree” by Stacey Meacham | “Snow Salt” by Rebecca Bowen | “Holiday Billboard” by Chris Griffith

Cool Yule Award for the best design featuring blue or green colors

Twiggy” by Maddy Nye

Maddy’s “Twiggy” just makes us smile! We love that her minimalist, “twiggy” little tree has so much spunk and personality, from the imperfect, upward slanting lines to her quirky red ornaments. Her use of blue is so unexpected, but completely festive.

Runners Up: “Snowy Window” by Inkwell Design Studio | “Wintry Wishes” by That Girl Press | “Multilingual Ombre” by Studio Cushman

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Award for the best design that uses traditional holiday colors

Growing Prosperity” by Jessie Steury

We love the parallel between the growing trees  (each in its own shade of festive green) and the undoubtedly growing prosperity of a company’s business! Jessie’s light green background, soft white snowflakes, and plenty of logo space make this one very sweet design.

Runners Up: “Snowcapped Line Charts” by Janelle Ferreira | “Joyful Holiday Wishes” by chica design | “Geometric Landscape” by Aspacia Henspetter

Walking in an Info Wonderland Award for the best design that cleverly incorporates stats & data from the year into a design

Snowfographic” by Shari Margolin

This is one very seasonally appropriate twist on an infographic like we’ve never seen before! We love the way Shari combines the facts and figures of a growing business with the playfulness of a charming little snowman. Every detail is just right, down to the counted buttons and pie chart face, complete with carrot nose.

Runners Up: “Company Year in Review” by Vanessa Wyler | “A Look Back” by Kristen Smith

Auld Lang Syne Award for the best business New Year’s design

Old New Year” by Snow and Ivy

“Old New Year” is a refreshing new take on a New Year’s card. Hailey’s composition is so unusual, but feels wonderfully natural. Her layered text and unique color palette are sure to make any sender look both distinctive and modern.

Runners Up (clockwise from top left): “Floral New Year” by MAEK Paper | “Contagious Cheer” by 2birdstone | “Bright On!” by robin ott design | “Brightest New Year” by Frooted Design

Angels We Have Kerned on High Award for the best typographic design

Graphic Deco” by Lehan Veenker

We love the complexity of Lehan’s design: her art deco type is striking and romantic, while the gold snowflake adds a touch of fun. Both elements are a nice contrast to the business-like graph paper background. Lehan combines these elements into a lovely, cohesive card for any design-savvy company!

Runners Up (from left): “Prismatic” by lena barakat | “Holiday Silk” by Three Kisses Studio | “Joy Joy for the Holidays & New Year” by Larkspur West Paperie | “Tranquility” by Sarah Brown

No Place Like Home for the Holidays Award of the best design incorporating the company home-base (state, city, etc.) into the design

Snowy NYC” by Yolanda Mariak Chendak

Yolanda seems to have a real knack for city-specific design (have you seen this incredible London wedding invite?)! Her New York City skyline in “Snowy NYC” is so nicely executed. We love the contrast between the flat, silhouetted buildings in the Manhattan background and the depth of her Brooklyn Bridge.

Runners Up: “Holidays in the City” by Carolyn MacLaren | “State Silhouette” by Sara Hicks Malone

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