So Special Greeting Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Our So Special Greeting Card Challenge marked a monumental step in Minted Community history—our official entry into the greeting card world! We asked the Minted Community to create all styles of designs for all types of customers. We encouraged them to take risks and have fun. As usual, we were completely amazed by the creativity of the Community. Now we’re very pleased to announce the winners of our special prizes below. Congratulations, everyone!

Child’s Age in Lights Award for the design that highlights a child’s age in a special way

Celebrate Our Favorite” by Alethea and Ruth

What kid wouldn’t love this design? Rachel’s “Celebrate Our Favorite” is full of fun and energy (just like the birthday girl, we bet!). Her lively mix of colors, type, hearts, and dots is sure to thrill. The best part is that even with so many strong design elements, the photograph and age still jump out.

Runner Ups: “Little Spy” by Kayla King | “onederful” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Super Stack” by Jessie Steury


DIY Paper Cup Garland

By Jenny Batt, of Hank and Hunt

Paper cups come in all patterns and colors these days to match your celebration. Have you ever taken a moment to marvel at the rainbow wall at your local party store? Or have you found yourself with a stash of random colors of leftover party cups? I know my collection of leftovers is probably bigger than most, but as I was looking through my party supplies to plan Henry and Hunter’s first day of school party and I noticed a mismatched stack of paper cups.   I decided to make a paper cup garland. Big color, a little mismatched and a whole lot of fun. The boys can even help me make it. Every year we have a different theme, but it is always special. This year is double special because it is also Hunter’s first day of Kindergarten. We’re going to have a bigger party than usual.


Driftwood Centerpiece

By Victoria of A Subtle Revelry
If you are looking for a way to continue your summer feelings of love into your wedding day, this driftwood centerpiece is a great solution. It is easy and super affordable to make (as long as you can get to the shore before you say I do!). Using driftwood to center your tables will give a casual yet stylish look to your day – perfect for a brunch or outdoor ceremony.

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Moodboard: Wandering Outdoorsman

By Maia McDonald of Design Conundrum

When starting a project I always find it’s really helpful to create a mood board. It’s a key step that helps me brainstorm ideas visually and create a cohesive look. It can be especially helpful when planning for a wedding or event, it’s a visual guide that you can go back and reference so your event comes together seamlessly.

This week’s theme is all about woodsy ruggedness, drawing in elements of nature, camping, hand-drawn elements and moody photography. It would be a wonderful look for a casual mountain wedding or summertime dinner party outdoors.


rest your pretty head.

By Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay.

Sometimes the best getaway from the busy, fast paced everyday is right here in your own home. These bedrooms, adorned with their ornate and luxurious headboards, take turning your space into a sanctuary of sorts to the next level. I can just imagine myself setting up camp and cozying up with a few good books, a pot of tea and staying put all weekend long. Here are a few favorite pretty beds and headboards that have recently caught my eye.

This cool brick Boston apartment turns into a warm and inviting space by pairing natural textiles atop this off-white tufted headboard. This pretty padded headboard does wonders to bring a softer feeling into the more industrial-seeming space.


Sunny Party

By Mariam, CEO and founder of Minted

I recently threw a 6th birthday party for my daughter, Sabine, up in Calistoga, about an hour and a half north of San Francisco.  Sabine is crazy about ponies, and I thought it would be fun to have a combination pony and petting zoo party.  I asked the wildly talented Carrie O’Neal, a member of Minted’s design community, to come up with an invitation and matching party décor items.  I loved her bold red design – playful, fun, colorful, and great for guys or gals.

As inspiration, I thought of a party in a meadow, sort of what I vaguely remember the 1970s were like… sunny, relaxed, and people in fields with flowers in their hair, like the Syracuse, New York summer camp I was at in 1976 or like the famous Coca-Cola TV ad (“I’d like to teach the world to sing…”).

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Summer Memories School Book Covers

By Rachael Smith of Love From Ginger

DIY School Book Cover

It’s always tough for kids to head back to school after a long and relaxing summer break.

These school book covers would be a great way to keep the memories of summer alive when the homework starts to pile up and assignments are due.

Fill them with your favourite memories and people and remember the fun of summer all term through.

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A Summer Wedding Shower

By Kelli Hall, a Minted Community Designer

I recently hosted a summer wedding shower for a close friend. The event drew inspiration from the bride’s love of soft blush tones, her romantic style and the smallest hint of edgy black for good measure. And, since she’s a writer, I couldn’t resist throwing in some typographic touches. Check it out for all the details, along with a simple guide for creating your own.