‘Tis the Season Holiday Non-Photo Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Hope Tammany, Minted Community Team

The holidays are in full swing over here at Minted HQ! Our non-photo holiday card category is near and dear to our hearts because it allows designers to put their talent at the forefront of their holiday greetings. In the ’Tis the Season: Non-Photo Holiday Card Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to create unique non-photo holiday cards to delight our customers and spread good cheer to their friends and family. We’re thrilled with the results, and we’re very happy to announce the special prize winners below. Congratulations, everyone!

There’s No Card Like This for the Holidays Award for the most unique non-photo holiday card in the challenge that breaks new ground and takes design risks but still conveys the cheer and spirit of the holiday season

Tapestry” by Maddy Nye

What a cunning concept! We were immediately struck by Maddy’s minimal design. The North Star reads as traditional and contemporary at once, resembling both a color-blocked tapestry and a neatly pixelated icon. No card like this for sure!

Runners Up: “Herbs and Vegetable Wreath” by Becky Nimoy | “Vintage Library Card Year in Review” by Four Wet Feet Design | “Resounding Joy” by Oscar & Emma

Silver Bells Award for the most elegant, beautiful design

All That Glitters” by Griffinbell Studio

Lynn may have swept off with our Silver Bells Award, but her design is sheer golden elegance. The bounding reindeer, all graceful curves and arches, takes center stage with gleaming faux glitter. The simple stars set against a textured night sky make for a perfectly elegant backdrop.

Runners Up (clockwise from top left): “Merry Berry” by Spotted Whale Design | “Golden Peace” by guess what? | “City Holidays” by Wondercloud Design | “Merry Glitter” by Lehan Veenker

White Christmas Award for the best clean, simple design

Rejoice” by Sara Hicks Malone

There’s such a beautiful, still peace to Sara’s “Rejoice.” The Star of Bethlehem, quietly shining against the dark background, is lovely in its simplicity. This graceful design adds so much meaning to just one word!

Runners Up (clockwise from top left): “The Christmas Tree” by Elly | “Gilded Noel” by Snow and Ivy | “Greenery Joy” by Carolyn MacLaren | “Colors of Joy” by Kelly Ventura

Christmas Time is Here Award for the best design that is specifically ‘Merry Christmas’ or another Christmas-specific greeting, and not a generic/non-denominational holiday card

Most Wonderful Christmas Ever” by Gakemi Art+Design

With the starburst at the center, it looks like the cheer is just bursting out of this holiday card! Nam’s “Most Wonderful Christmas Ever” makes no false promises – how could you help but grin at this buoyant, retro-inspired design? We love the eye-catching mix of typography with the perky snowflakes and stars: an instant Christmas classic.


Runners Up (clockwise from top left): “Mistletoe” by Squareview Studios | “Hello Hello” by Moe and Me | “Vintage Christmas” by Mandy Gordon | “Glimmer” by Griffinbell Studio

Pretty Paper Award for the design that best uses one of Minted’s die-cut shapes:

Garland” by Amber Barkley

Amber’s sweet, refined design works perfectly with our scalloped die-cut shape, accentuated by the light double border. The contrast of white on a kraft paper background is very of-the-moment and understated, and “Garland” is simply elegant.

Runners Up: “Santa Baby” by Giselle Zimmerman | “Rejoice & Be Glad” by Wendy Van Ryn | “Antique Hark” by Snow and Ivy

Angels We Have Kerned on High Award for the best typographic design

Wondrous” by GeekInk Design

Eric works his signature typographic magic with an extra flourish in “Wondrous.” We love the strong, sweeping lines that offset the type, and the bold graphic style of his illustrations add extra pizzazz. Wondrous indeed!

Runners Up: “Joy Joyful” by SimpleTe Design | “Classic Joy” by Kristen Smith | “Jubilant” by Sarah Brown

I’ll Be Home for Christmas Award for the best holiday card that also announces a move

Joyous Move” by fatfatin

We can’t imagine announcing a new home with more holiday cheer! The journey line created out of the “joy” script is so clever, and Yen’s quirky little illustrations and speech bubbles add a homey, personal touch. Even the house, with eyes of holly, is bursting with personality.

Runners Up: “Pack Your Bags” by Vanessa Wyler | “Home for the Holidays” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Peaceful Winter” by Elly

A New Hue Award for the design that best uses fresh, non-traditional colors to celebrate the holidays

Laurel & Spruce” by Olivia Kanaley

What a beauty! We’re in love with Olivia’s fresh palette, and the black of the laurels grounds the sweet pastels nicely. Her painterly strokes are perfect for this delicate design.

Runner Ups: “MidCentury Peace Dove” by Gakemi Art + Design | “Cookies and Joy” by AC Design | “Bright & Cheery” by Amber Barkley

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Award for the design that best uses traditional Christmas colors such as red & green or blue, silver & white

Snowy Canvas” by Chryssi Tsoupanarias

“Snowy Canvas” is a fresh take on classic holiday iconography. We love how Chryssi allows her brush strokes to create branches and a convincingly prickly texture, and the layered hues of green create great dimensionality. This is Christmas tradition with a modern, painterly flair.

Runners Up: “Woodland Greetings” by Jennifer Wick | “Floristry” by Wondercloud Design | “Chickadee Gift” by Eine Kleine Design Studio

A Married Little Christmas Award for the best non-photo holiday card design for a newly-married couple

Married Wreath” by Ana Gonzalez

We’d be hard put to find a sweeter holiday card for newlyweds! Ana’s multi-colored, layered wreath is so fresh and charming, and we love how the floating hearts draw the eye in to the center. Perfect for the romantics among us.

Runners Up: “Mr. & Mrs. Wishes” by sweet street gals | “Merry & Married” by Bonjour Berry

Laughing All the Way Award for the funniest holiday card

Meowy Christmas” by Pistols

We smile every time we look at this feline fir tree. Melissa adds wit at every point, from the comically looped Christmas lights to the bowtie and crowning star on her kitty tree-topper. Her wonderful illustration style is perfect for this playful design.

Runner Up: “Now with Rocket Power” by Dawn Jasper

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Award for the best design that puts the customer’s name in a curved path

Seasonal Bouquet” by Alethea and Ruth

Rachel’s trademark florals flow beautifully with her curvilinear text, creating the perfect frame for your season’s greetings. Her mix of evergreens, berries and blossoms make a richly varied bouquet, and we love the sumptuous dimension of the poinsettia.

Runners Up: “Merry Forest” by GeekInk Design | “Illustrated Christmas Wreath” by The Lovely Letters | “Frolic and Play” by carly reed

O’ Come All Ye Faithful Award for the best religious Christmas card

A Joyful Message” by Lauren Chism

Simple and stunning, Lauren’s “A Joyful Message” is just that. The calligraphic spirals and flourishes of her script are full of exuberance, and her neat, crisp stars shine without overwhelming the message. Beautifully done!

Runners Up: “And He Will be Called” by Sarah Brown | “Joy to the World” by Brianne Larsen | “Stardust” by Leslie Ann Jones

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