DIY Giddy Up Garland

By Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land

Were you a horse and pony pretty in pink type of gal growing up? I was more of a tomboy in a t-shirt and brown corduroy, although I did have a My Little Pony phase. Channel your mane-brushing past with this simple and super cute horse ribbon party garland using cupcake liners and typography stickers – perfect for a pony themed birthday or to imply to that special someone that “you’re number one!”. Keep reading for more details on making this cute garland…

Supply list:

Cupcake liners in two sizes. (I chose some cute blue gingham ones and pink and yellow mini ones) The amount of liners depends on what you want your garland to say – mine will say “Giddy Up!” so I needed eight liners in each size and alternated pink and yellow.

Scissors, glue stick

Craft paper for the centers

1 inch round craft circle punch for punching out centers (or you can just use scissors)

Cute ribbon

Baker’s twine or string to hang your garland

Letter stickers (these can be found online or at your local craft superstore – I was so happy to find this font!)

Step One: Flatten your cupcake liners so the brighter colored exterior side is on top. For the larger sized ones, use your scissors to cut little slices into them to help them lay flat.

Step Two: Using your glue stick, glue the smaller cupcake liner onto the larger one.
Step Three: Punch out some craft paper circles. Glue them in the middle of the already-adhered smaller cupcake liner.

Step Four: Cut out your ribbon into strips. I cut mine into 2 ½ inch strips.
Step Five: Turn over the cupcake liners and glue the ribbon strips to the back.

Step Six: Add your typography letter stickers to the centers!

Step Seven: Using clear Scotch tape or washi tape , tape your ribbons to a piece of cute baker’s twine or string.

Step Eight: Hang up on your wall, bake a cake and get ready to party it up, horsey style!

Have I inspired you to throw a horse party yet? What are some of your horse-themed party ideas?

  1. Jennifer

    This is perfect for the horsey 2-year old party I am planning. Genius!

    • jennifer, so excited to hear that! happy birthday to your little one! ^__^

  2. leanne

    love this! super cute!!

  3. Teddy

    So simple but so cute and ingenious. Love it!

  4. Super cute! Can’t wait to see your next post. 🙂

  5. Super cute idea Lyndsay! And a horse cake stand- great find!