Faux Grass Table Numbers

By Rachael of Love From Ginger

DIY Faux Grass Table Numbers

If you are having an autumn or winter wedding this year, these grass number tables would bring a splash of green to your palette.

You could paint the numbers to match your wedding colours and have a little bit of summer inside your reception venue.

DIY Fau xGras Table Numbers


  • Faux grass (I picked some up from my nearest dollar store for $2.50)
  • Paper mâché numbers
  • Gold spray paint
  • Cutting knife
  • Scissors

I chose to use faux grass as I wanted to make it well in advance. You could use real grass if you had plaster numbers.

DIY Faux Grass Table Numbers

Step 1: Use your cutting knife to cut the top off your paper mâché number. If you can find numbers that aren’t closed in, you will be able to skip this step. It isn’t very hard though as long as you have a sharp knife.

Step 2: Spray paint your numbers in a colour of your choice, or leave them natural if that suits your decor.

Step 3: Cut your grass mat into small pieces so that you can fill your numbers. If you are worried about the grass staying in the number you could affix some glue to the bottom inside of the number at this point.

Step 4: Fill in your numbers with the little pieces of grass. The netting at the bottom of the grass ensures it packs int tightly.

Step 5: Once your numbers are filled you can trim them so the number is easier is to read.

 DIYFaux Grass Table Numbers

These are such a fun way to add some outdoors to your wedding!

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  1. Melissa

    I love these! So unique and so lovely!

  2. Al Bob

    Great idea, but fake grass is so… fake.

    • Rach

      You can make it in a plaster mould and use real grass Al – it might be harder to keep alive though!

  3. Sara

    Hi Rach! I follow Julep on Bloglovin’ and I have noticed you’ve been posting on this amazing blog – How fun! As always this DIY of yours is da bomb 🙂 …For some reason in the spring I was really wanting to buy some of those squares of that faux, plastic grass from a local dollar store here…I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with them, but I wanted them. I think this is such a cute idea to use them – So creative, I would have never thought to use them this way! 🙂

  4. Rachael, you are amazing! You totally made fake grass look fantastic. I will have to pass this tutorial along to my friend who’s about to get married.

  5. Lau

    I like it so much!!!! Kisses from Argentina!