So Special Greeting Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Our So Special Greeting Card Challenge marked a monumental step in Minted Community history—our official entry into the greeting card world! We asked the Minted Community to create all styles of designs for all types of customers. We encouraged them to take risks and have fun. As usual, we were completely amazed by the creativity of the Community. Now we’re very pleased to announce the winners of our special prizes below. Congratulations, everyone!

Child’s Age in Lights Award for the design that highlights a child’s age in a special way

Celebrate Our Favorite” by Alethea and Ruth

What kid wouldn’t love this design? Rachel’s “Celebrate Our Favorite” is full of fun and energy (just like the birthday girl, we bet!). Her lively mix of colors, type, hearts, and dots is sure to thrill. The best part is that even with so many strong design elements, the photograph and age still jump out.

Runner Ups: “Little Spy” by Kayla King | “onederful” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Super Stack” by Jessie Steury

Cleverest Customization Award for the card that uses unusual and clever customizable elements
Dad Libs” by Lori Wemple

“Dad Libs” takes the cake for clever customization. Lori’s clean, simple design allows your message to be the center of attention. We love that customizing this card is almost as personal and fun as giving it to Dad will be!

Runner Ups: “Birthdays & Infographics” by Bethany Anderson | “A Very Venn Birthday” by Chryssi Tsoupanarias | “Miles Away” by Jessie Steury | “Age Adjuster” by Carolyn MacLaren

Make Me Laugh Award for the funniest greeting card
Party Hard” by sweet street gals

We loved this card the moment we saw it. Jessie and Alison have always had a knack for funny, clever design with just the right amount of cheekiness; “Party Hard” is no exception. Their bold type, bright colors, and minimal elements let this one speak for itself.

Runner Ups: “Birthdays Rule” by Peter Loves Jane | “Happy Birthday from France” by Chryssi Tsoupanarias | “By the Numbers” by Pistols | “Y’oar Awesome” by 24th and Dune

Best Birthday Card for Him Award for a great birthday card for your husband, dad, brother, or friend, or other guy in your life
Dude” by GeekInk Design

Sometimes you just need a card that says it straight. We love Eric’s no-frills, offbeat, perfectly dude-worthy birthday card. Eric makes “clean and simple” look so easy; from the textured type to his negative space that actually seems to jump out at you, every detail is well thought out and just right.

Runner Ups (clockwise from left): “Cool Treat” by Monica Tuazon | “Swanky Birthday” by CRAFTEdesign | “Birthday Cruising” by Bob Daly | “Hearty Happy Birthday” by Up Up Creative

Edgy Award for a design that is outrageous, cheeky or completely out of the box
Now That You’re 18” by Monica Tuazon

Monica cleverly presents everything you can do when you turn 18; all those big milestones from voting to buying a lottery ticket to getting a tattoo. Her simplified, retro design elements and minimal color palette keep this card fun, but classy.

Runner Ups: “Dapper Gent” by Monica Tuazon | “Older Than Me” by Up Up Creative

Big Picture Birthday Award for the best full-bleed photo birthday card
Happy Birthday, Beautiful” by Betty Hatchett

This card delivers a lovely sentiment in a beautiful way. We can’t get enough of Elizabeth’s incredible hand-lettering. From the bright white letters to the soft banner, there is something so boldly delicate about this design. It perfectly complements a full-bleed photograph of the birthday girl.

Runner Ups: “Best Wishes” by lena barakat | “Bold Emblem” by Melissa Ponicsan | “Retro Type” by Leah Shannon

Children’s Birthday Award for the best children’s birthday card (think fun and colorful, and what you’d like to give your own child!)
Growing Up” by Giselle Zimmerman

Giselle’s illustrations are absolutely adorable. You can’t help but smile back at her fun, friendly balloons. And don’t you just love the little girl flashing a wonderfully confident smile? Giselle’s retro style and color palette make for one very charming design.

Runner Ups (from left): “Personal Best” by Luckybug Designs | “Dino comes alive!” by Four Wet Feet Design | “In the Sea” by Monica Schafer | “Bright and Happy” by Carolyn MacLaren

Milestone Award for the best birthday card for a major birthday (16th, 40th, etc.)
Geometric Floral” by Leah Shannon

Leah’s “Geometric Floral” showcases a milestone age so nicely. Delicate, but bright flowers, leaves, and geometric shapes add fun pops of color to the black background. This card is bright and fun in a universally appealing way, great for any milestone from 16 to 60.

Runner Ups: “Forty and Awesome” by GeekInk Design | “Beautiful” by Jenn Johnson

Mother’s Day Award for the best Mother’s Day card
Thank You Mom for All Your Hard Work” by Tanya

What a sweet, heartfelt card. Tanya’s design takes our Mother’s Day Award for not only being a very clean, cute design, but also broadcasting an appreciation for all the little things. We love how her stylized illustrations provide a perfect backdrop for her central pop of color.

Runner Ups: “A Mother’s Love” by Bethany Anderson | “Daisy” by Bob Daly | “Warm Wreath” by Kristen Smith

Father’s Day Award for the best Father’s Day card
Dad Diagram” by Hooray Creative

We love Kristy’s creative twist on a traditional Father’s Day card. The simplicity of the design, from the simplified glasses and tie to the thin black text, lets the sentimentality of the message shine through. Kristy’s nicely uneven bubbles and colored-in letters give the design a sense of being hand-done and very personal.

Runner Ups: “Awesome Papa” by chocomocacino | “Crossed Flags” by Luckybug Designs | “Modern Fish” by Monica Schafer

Graduation Congrats Award for the best design that tells your grad congrats!
Graduation Stamp” by Tami Bohn

There’s something very official and exciting about this design! Tami’s striking badge calls attention to the proud grad’s future college, but doesn’t take away from a big juicy, full-bleed photo.

Runner Ups: “Balloon Bouquet” by Brie Zacher | “Modern Congrats” by Shari Margolin | “Journey of Life” by Larkspur West Paperie

Multi-Photo Award for the best greeting card featuring multiple photos
Blast from the Past” by Bonjour Berry

We love this idea! Corrine’s “Blast from the Past” doesn’t just incorporate multiple photos in a seamless way; it makes them a very meaningful part of the card. This card is a great way to celebrate the life of just about anyone and allows you to highlight those especially important events.

Runner Ups: “Picture Perfect” by Jessie Steury | “Why We Love Daddy” by Pink Hippo Prints | “Standing Tall” by fatfatin

Inspirational Copy Award for the best inspirational copy
Inspirational Balloon” by Rebecca Bowen

What a sweet way to congratulate and encourage your graduate. We love the way Rebecca forms her beautiful hand-lettering into a subtle hot air balloon; the perfect complement to her inspirational message.

Congratulations to our winners and a big thanks to everyone who submitted!

  1. Thank you so much! We are so honored to have been selected for funniest greeting card!

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