DIY Paper Cup Garland

By Jenny Batt, of Hank and Hunt

Paper cups come in all patterns and colors these days to match your celebration. Have you ever taken a moment to marvel at the rainbow wall at your local party store? Or have you found yourself with a stash of random colors of leftover party cups? I know my collection of leftovers is probably bigger than most, but as I was looking through my party supplies to plan Henry and Hunter’s first day of school party and I noticed a mismatched stack of paper cups.   I decided to make a paper cup garland. Big color, a little mismatched and a whole lot of fun. The boys can even help me make it. Every year we have a different theme, but it is always special. This year is double special because it is also Hunter’s first day of Kindergarten. We’re going to have a bigger party than usual.

I did two different versions. One with tissue fringe and one with washi tape. The color combinations are endless. The basics you will need are paper cups, tape, twine and a bamboo skewer.

Step 1: Pick out your colors, I used a few packages of paper cups, typically sold in quantities of 20. You can mix and match, but try to make sure the cups are the same size. You will need about 20 cups for a 9 foot garland.

Step 2: Using the bamboo skewer, poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, in the center. Repeat for all the cups.

Step 3: Thread the twine or yarn through the holes, alternating directions of the cups. Go in from the top, go in from the bottom, and so on.

Step 4:  Line up the cup seams and tape together each set of two cups, as shown. A small piece on opposite sides of the seams, pressed down, should secure the cups well.

Step 5: Add double stick tape, a slightly longer length this time, and place on top of where you just taped. Press the end of the fringe garland into one half of the doublestick tape, wrap around the seam, pressing in as you go until you have gone completely around the seam.

Step 6: Press end in and cut excess off.

Step 7: Repeat with remaining cups and hang.

You can also substitute patterned or solid washi tape instead of the fringe. Follow the directions above for steps 1- 3.

Step 8: After stringing your cups, line up the cup seams and tape together each set of two cups, as shown. A small piece on opposite sides of the seams, pressed down, should secure the cups well.

Step 9: Starting at the back of the cups, cover the seam by wrapping with a single strip of tape, centered and pressed on to the lips. This will make the tape look like it is floating above the cup, but it is adhered to the cup well in the center and will not fall off.  Note: you can press the tape down on all sides, but I would recommend a wider washi tape.

Step 10: Repeat with remaining cups and hang.

Both versions of this paper cup garland are fun. I even like the way they look together. You could embellish the cup seams any way you like, with fabric, crepe paper, paper flowers, sequins. Go crazy. Let your kids go crazy. The best part? It doubles as a little decoration all day, even if it’s just me and the hubby toasting a glass to celebrate.

  1. love it, jenny! of course henry and hunter get a sweet first day of school party – their mama is the party master! 🙂

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