Driftwood Centerpiece

By Victoria of A Subtle Revelry
If you are looking for a way to continue your summer feelings of love into your wedding day, this driftwood centerpiece is a great solution. It is easy and super affordable to make (as long as you can get to the shore before you say I do!). Using driftwood to center your tables will give a casual yet stylish look to your day – perfect for a brunch or outdoor ceremony.

To make the driftwood centerpiece start by finding your wood. Visit any shore early in the morning and search until you find the perfect pieces. If you find large pieces they can always be cut down to size.

1) Once you have the drift wood, purchase a selection of glass testing tubes (here is a good resource).

2) Using a large drill bit, drill into the driftwood to create your vase holes. Don’t drill all the way down, just about 50% of the way to give the test tube vases a good standing.

3) Gently twist test tubes into the driftwood to secure and steady. Use a small dab of glue on the bottom of each tube if they will be transported together.

4) Fill with blooms and place on tables to enjoy.

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