rest your pretty head.

By Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay.

Sometimes the best getaway from the busy, fast paced everyday is right here in your own home. These bedrooms, adorned with their ornate and luxurious headboards, take turning your space into a sanctuary of sorts to the next level. I can just imagine myself setting up camp and cozying up with a few good books, a pot of tea and staying put all weekend long. Here are a few favorite pretty beds and headboards that have recently caught my eye.

This cool brick Boston apartment turns into a warm and inviting space by pairing natural textiles atop this off-white tufted headboard. This pretty padded headboard does wonders to bring a softer feeling into the more industrial-seeming space.

Coco + Kelley showcased Fiona Leahy’s beautiful home as their room of the week, and I can see why. Her black metal bed frame provides a beautiful canvas to sleep on while doubling as a sculptural element.

The stunning turquoise headboard on the left provides just the right pop of color. When paired with this lush Moroccan throw, the space remains a calm, soothing environment to relax and recharge.

The plush black twin beds on the right come to us from a chic black and white Atlanta home – showing us that basics can be both modern and comfortable.

Interior designer, Lauren Gold went with a different version of the tufted headboard – one with modern lines – and paired it with brighter accessories, artwork and centerpieces to balance out her and her husband’s aesthetic for their bedroom. The beautiful layering of this eclectic collection really makes it seem like home.

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