Fairy Twig Wand Party Favors

By Lindsey of Unforgettable Impressions

I have always been a huge fan of the imagination. As a child I often times would be found chatting away to my imaginary friend while playing dolls and having tea parties. There is something just so special about children and their imaginations. Now that I am a mom I so want to encourage my children to use their special imaginations on a daily basis and to live in their own sweet little worlds.

I love to make fun projects that I can create and share with my kids and these adorable Fairy Twig Wands are certainly one of those sweet projects. You can have your children help you collect the twigs for this project and pick out the ribbon too! Your little princess will love helping make such a special toy that she then can use again and again for all of her royal gatherings!
They also make wonderful little party favors and decorations for any little fairy party and look adorable set out on a table in a vase. You can make them in any color combination to match your event or decor…


Step 1: Gather some twigs outside to use for your wands

Step 2: Pick out your favorite ribbons, fabric, pom poms and lace and cut them varying lengths slightly longer than your twigs.

Step 3: Tie the ribbons, fabrics, pom poms and lace on your twigs, continue until you have them all tied on.

You now have yourself a cute little fairy wand for your little princess or fairy to play with!