DIY Indoor Outdoor Mesh Bunting

By Jenny Batt of Hank + Hunt.

Remember those giant yarn cross stitch mesh sheets? When I was picking up some craft supplies, as if I need any more, I noticed a pop of mint. Since a true mint hue is hard to come by pre-made, I had to see what it was.  turns out, it was a shelf full of colored mesh plastic sheets.  Like many items at the craft store I immediately wanted to make a bunting out of it. What is really great is that these sheets are made of plastic, which means you can hang them outside for all those last minute summer parties. If it rains, it’s perfectly ok. These look so much better than those vinyl garlands from the used car lot, right? Let’s make some quick and easy indoor outdoor bunting with a few mesh sheets and some sharp scissors.


You will need: mesh plastic canvas sheets, scissors, yarn or twine

Step 1: Gather your supplies and cut off any extra tags and remove stickers from mesh sheet. You can find these sheets in the yarn section of your craft store.

Step 2: Fold sheet in half, short end to short end. Cut in half with scissors.

Step 3: Trim off bumps and make the cut edge as smooth as the uncut sides. This is an easy trim with scissors. Be careful not to cut too far.

Step 4: Both halves should be the same size.

Step 5: Cut each half, in half again. Fold that in half and cut at an angle towards the fold to make a flag shape.

Step 6: Repeat for as many flags as you need. One mesh sheet makes four flags.

Step 7: Thread a yarn needle with twine or yarn.

Step 8: Thread each flag, up the first hole, down the fifth. Then up the other side in the fifth hole from the edge and down the first hole from the edge. Slide the flag down the length of the yarn and add more flags.

Step 9: Hang your garland and party.

If you make a bunch of flags in various colors, you have a new addition to your party box. Mix and match colors depending on your occasion and string with various types of yarn or twin or ribbon. Go crazy and crossstitch some letters into the flags for even more fun.


  1. I love that these are rain-proof! I’ve definitely forgotten paper decorations outside after a BBQ and regretted it. Love these!