Back-to-School Lunchbox Style

By Kelli Hall, a Minted Community Designer

minted lunchbox style

Since school is almost back in session, I’ve found my favorite boxes for little ones to tote their lunch in style. Check out these finds for simple pack-and-carry containers, along with easy embellishments to make any lunch more fun…

When it comes to lunches, I’m more of a PB&J mom than a Bento Box mom. My two-year-old’s lunch typically consists of Tupperware leftovers stuffed in an old grocery bag as I run out the door. But my little guy’s snacking style shouldn’t suffer on account of my lunch laziness. I’ve decided this fall I’m going to jazz up his lunch container. Here are my favorite picks…

Best for Babies and Preschoolers

1. Koziol Boskop Apple Lunch Box, All Modern
A bold shape and happy colors make this the perfect lunch container to hold little treats. It’s designed without a handle, but baby won’t miss it since adults usually handle the feedings. As an added bonus, it’s 100% biodegradable.

2. Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies, Bee Character, Amazon
A lovable zoo face and high-contrast pattern put this at the top of my list. It’s insulated, PVC free, and is the perfect size for little toddler hands.

Best for School Aged Kids

3. Blafre Circus Tin Lunchbox, Huset
A classic tin latch-style box is always a sure bet. The graphics are fun, the handle is BPA free and what 7-year-old wouldn’t want a lunchbox with a woman ringmaster shouldering a tiger? (Check out the ‘Strong Man’ version too).

4. Embellished Brown Bag with Minted stickers
A brown bag lunch doesn’t have to be boring. I’m going to keep some favor stickers on hand to brighten up a lunch bag or jot my son’s name on the front. My favorites are these Woodgrain ones by Unless Someone Like You, these Fractions ones by Kayla King, or these cherry stickers by Lori Wemple.

5. Kotobuki Panda Face Bento Box, Amazon
Perfectly playful in a fresh black and white palette, this bento box is a great size to drop in a backpack and has two-tiers to keep food separated. Plus, the closure elastic doubles as panda’s sweatband.

Best for Tweens and Older

6. Plastica Bento Box, Plastica
This lunch box stacks and snaps together for easy transport. Broad bands of color are simple and modern and the shape is highly functional.

7. Mini Notecards, Minted
These little note cards are the perfect size for notes from mom. My favorites to drop in a lunchbox are these Watermelon ones by Jill Means or these Urban Baby ones by Penelope Poppy.

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