DIY Notebooks from Cereal Boxes

By Merrilee of Mer Mag

Whether you and your little one are off on adventures enjoying the last weeks of summer or already gearing up for back-to-school, you’ll both love this simple DIY notebook craft. Made from simple recycled materials, they are a breeze to make and will have your little adventurer recording their travels or sketching wildlife (which include zombies in our neck of the woods) in no time.

  1. Start by cutting down a discarded cereal box and folding it to the size you want your notebook to be.
  2. Punch two holes along the spine.
  3. Now punch or poke holes in the cover of the notebook in whatever fashion you like. Have your child create their initial or just a grid of holes is a great way to encourage creativity in your little one.
  4. Thread a needle with colored embroidery thread and have your little one begin threading a design in and out of the punched holes.
  5. Continue until the design is complete. You can stick with one color or go crazy with a medley of colors.
  6. Now cut down sheets of paper for the interior of the notebook, about 1/8″ smaller than exterior on all sides. Fold and punch holes in the paper to match the holes along the exterior spine. Run embroidery thread through the spine of the notebook and papers. Tie off the thread in a knot.
  7. Your notebook is now complete!
  8. Have your little author/artist get straight to work creating keepsake masterpieces!
You’ll be surprised how many uses you and your little one find for these. The boys have already gone on a nature walk collecting and tracing leaves in as well as drawing up a storm of imaginary creatures. These are great for road trips, or just keep a few in your purse to pull out when waiting in the super long line at the post office.

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  1. Precious Jem

    .This is so wonderful! I love it! 🙂

  2. Cassi

    Love the addition of stitchery to the notebooks, I’ll be featuring this on The Crafty Crow!