Easy Colorful Crayon Place Cards

By Jenny of Hank and Hunt

I’m going to give full credit to my oldest child for this DIY. He showed me how you can use a black crayon and a pencil to make fabulous drawings that are bright and colorful. He taught me the skills and I turned it into a party DIY. It’s how we roll at casa H+H. If you haven’t looked at a crayon since your wonder years, it’s time to check out the vibrant hues and neon shades that have joined the traditional palette of old. A simple few minutes of coloring on card stock and you too can make a unique and fun place card for your next dinner party.

Supplies: crayons (Crayola has the best coverage) of any color and black, card stock, a pencil and scissors.

Step 1: Pick out your colors. For this I chose rainbow/classic hues which are bright and vibrant. You want to chose colors that contrast with black or you won’t see the letters pop.

Step 2: Coloring hard, make inch wide stripes diagonally across your paper.

Step 3: Color extra hard with long strokes, perpendicularly over your stripes. You want the paper to be black.

Step 4: Use a template to cut out your place cards. Here I shortened an old business card.

Step 5: Use a pencil with the lead worn down to write your names. Don’t press too hard to mark the paper with the lead, but hard enough to scratch off the black crayon to reveal the color clearly underneath. Alternately, you could use a toothpick. Brush off excess crayon gently and voila!

You don’t have to just use letters, think about designs and geometric patterns. The best part about this? You can customize any color you like underneath the black. Don’t like to color? Bribe some kids and hire out the hard work for a cupcake or two.



  1. Erica

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to pick up some crayons again after seeing all of their new colors in stores for the back to school rush and this is it! Love this idea and how customizable it is for different color schemes.