Modern Sensibilities Special Prize Winners

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

We are playing a bit of catch up here at Minted art – and are so happy to (finally!) announce the special picks for the Modern Sensibilities Art Challenge. Each challenge tends to have its own flavor and this one stood out for strong graphics, the elevation of common objects and beautiful photographs.

Congratulations, winners!

Urban Chic Award for the best art print suited to a modern, urban home

Rings” by 2birdstone

A grid of thickly drawn black circles is interspersed in a pattern variation with varying colors of yellow and red. Stark in its simplicity, it’s the ultimate urban accessory – chic, modern and versatile. Mix with one of the other pieces from artist Ashley of 2birdstone for a larger wall. Perfect for a New York loft or Los Angeles apartment.

Avant-Garde Award for the best edgy or boundary pushing print

Something Borrowed” by That Girl Studio

Taking a well-known object in our vernacular – and elevating it to an object to be studied – makes for an interesting motif. The imagery of a library lending slip with hand notations and hand-punched dates harkens back to an earlier time when life moved at a slower pace and people took time to leisurely enjoy a good book or magazine article.

I Left My Heart in ____ Award for the best art print representing cities around the world that would appeal to locals with city pride and to vacationers wanting to commemorate a special trip

A Long Week in the City” by jackmove

I love this piece. It pays homage to its city in a subtle and slightly abstracted way, electing to ignore sightseeing attractions to focus on a common every day object: a bus transfer. The patterning and coloration in this work reflects the documentary nature of the piece – each day of the workweek is represented by a unique color and the sole torn slip indicates the single day where the rider left work at a reasonable hour.

Flora and Fauna Award for the best art print representing nature or natural settings

Wallpaper” by Alethea and Ruth

Beautifully shaped flowers of varying forms float on an underlay of pattern. A limited palette of green, white and gray helps to enhance the decorative swirls. I find this piece hypnotic, bringing me back time and time again to view the drifting floras. The other color options – blue and purple – are spectacular as well.

Art of Photography Award for the best photographic art print

Lake Champlain” by Grey Circle

An ominous sky set against a placid lake creates a juxtaposition of textures with the flat plane of the water, and the billowing shape of the nimbus clouds. Suggesting rain, the piece is striking with its black and white palette and portentous mood. This would be stunning in a salon style array with other prints or, in a larger format, on its own.

Colorful Award for the best use of color

Twisted Horizon” by amanda cunningham

A hazy vision of the intersection of water and sky meets at the horizon line. Although these colors are not bold, they are subtly gorgeous, a melding of blue, green and beige. This piece is what the viewer makes of it – an interpretation of a horizon line seen from across a body of water, or an abstracted color block. Either way, it’s a stunning image.

Yours and Mine Award for the best art print that would appeal to both men and women

Riverrock” by Stacey Meacham

A series of four circular shapes rests on a linear plane; each of the four forms is incised with lines, some intersecting. The use of modern colors – pink and orange mixed with brown and blue – create a fresh mix of abstracted pigment fields. The Yours and Mine Award is presented to the work that equally appeals to men and women – and this piece does just that.

Man About Town Award for the best art print designed for a hip, modern guy who embraces art and isn’t afraid of a little color

The Worldwide Web” by HUNT GATHER

A conceptual vision of the World Wide Web by artist HUNT GATHER presents a flat map with lines linking different cities. Addressing issues of data connectivity, this piece portrays the movement of information across the globe. Reminiscent of airline route maps, this represents abstracted travel at a much more rapid pace. A perfect gift for men-on-the-go everywhere.

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