Sean and Kellin’s Hawaiian Wedding

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

beach wedding

Meeting each other in Italy, Sean and Kellin debated on taking family and friends back to the place where it all began, or celebrating on a tropical island where the groom spent his teen years. After much thought on two beautiful places, the pair decided to wed in Kailua, Hawaii as it was where many family members already lived and it felt like home to them. Plus getting guests to take a little vacation before the big day would not be a hard task.

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Guests rented houses to share and most stayed within walking distance to the venue. The wedding week was filled with BBQ’s, bike rides, and plenty of outings where the couple could spend plenty of quality time with their friends and family. This allowed guests to meet and mingle before the wedding and created a much more relaxed atmosphere for the couple. Sean and Kellin didn’t feel pressured to tackle the traditional task of greeting every single guest the night of their wedding. It allowed them to enjoy the details of their day even more.

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Kellin took much of the planning of details into her own hands. She searched every party and wedding supply store only to find the expected tacky and overpriced decor she did not envision for her wedding. Instead, she spent months creating a look book made from pages of magazines and print outs from blogs. With that, she pulled together a look and theme that represented the couple mixing an island feel with an undertone from where they met, Italy. Kellin based many of her choices on materials and textures that she loved and wanted to incorporate into anything she could. Two main materials were kraft paper and hand dyed blue ribbon.

hawaii beach wedding

Many of the details for the wedding day were decided on the week of arrival, including the bridesmaids dresses and flowers. Kellin asked her bridesmaids to bring tropical colored dresses. Once they were all together, they pooled their choices and decided who would where which color, also determining the order the bridesmaids would stand (also keeping the bride from having to make tough choices on standing order!).

The mother of the bride was experienced in creating wedding flowers and bouquets before, so the two visited the wholesale market while on the island, and picked out the perfect flowers to accompany all of the other DIY details. Kellin’s mother and other helpers pulled together everything for her on site and completed the venue with their last minute arrangements.

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wedding ring book

If a project was too much to tackle, the couple would enlist a friend or family member to help them complete the item. The satisfaction from completing a special detail, and not spending outrageous amounts of money, was one of the best parts for them.

wedding details

Kellin fell in love with hand-dyed blue silk ribbon that reminded her of the ocean and looked amazing with the kraft paper. She used it in as many ways as she could find; on the invites, in her hair, on the venue chairs, wrapped around the bouquets, at the each guests seat… all over!

cocktail stirrers

book table numbers

diy escort cards

handmade guestbook

The guestbook was one of the couples favorite projects of the night. It was beautifully made by Kellin to include hand-printed paper and the blue ribbon glued in place to look like rolling waves. Instead of having guests simply write in the book on random pages, they glued small paper bags inside each page and long note cards that guests could write on or decorate and slip into the book. The next day they enjoyed looking through fun and creative notes left by all of their loved ones.

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I asked Kellin if she could share a little advice for brides to be, here is what she had to say:

“One thing I tried to be sure and do during this whirlwind set up was to let go of anything that didn’t work exactly as I had imagined. For example, I had a whole plan about how the seating cards would look and work (they had clothes pins and I wanted them to hang from strips of ribbon). Sadly, they just weighed too much so we had to rethink it. I left the job to two bridesmaids and what they came up with was a great alternative. You can plan and plan and plan, but on the day, let go. You’ve done all you can, now enjoy. It will be perfect no matter what.”

Venue: Mid-Pacific Country Club

Photographer: Natalie Norton

Wedding day-of planner: Melissa Laudise & Candace Redongo of Let’s Do This Event & Wedding Planning

Invites: Akiyaa Nickelson of Cordially Invited, LA

Makeup: Leslie Fair Hair Styling and Make-Up

Cake: Hokulani Bake Shop

Music: Verse One Productions LLC

  1. Liv

    Love everything about this – but especially the ribbon details. Doesn’t hurt that the couple is a pair of total babes!

  2. Very well done presentation Lauren. It was an unforgettable wedding.

  3. Sarah

    This wedding is beyond beautiful. I’m in love with the details, the thoughtfulness- makes me want to stop now and start planning a hawaii wedding instead! And don’t get me started on that DRESS

  4. Thalassa

    This looks like the perfect wedding– personal inventive and beautiful.
    And the bride and groom are gorgeous together!