Wedding Welcome Gift and Printable Tag

By Kelli Hall, a Minted Community Designer
wedding welcome gift

Custom printable tag lettered by Meg Gleason of Moglea

If you’re having a wedding where guests will be traveling any distance, one of my favorite details is a small gift to greet their arrival. Welcome gifts don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. With these tips, labels and a printable gift tag (artfully hand lettered by the talented Meg Gleason), you can create a simple, special gift without too much fuss.

wedding welcome gift essentials

Include these essentials

Start With Four Welcome Gift Essentials
1. Salty Snack: To go with a beachy theme, I’ve chosen goldfish snacks. Look for savory munchies that work with your location. Pretzels for Philly, Sea-Salt popcorn for a seaside locale, or toasted pecans for Atlanta…
2. Something Sweet: For this set, I’ve used rock candy and labeled it: “Candy Seaglass”. Pick sweets that work for your location too. Think Black and white cookies for New York, Dried fruits for Central California, or pralines for the South East…
3. Bottled Water: I prefer mini bottles because they take up less space.
4. Local Info: I like to include a single card with local info. A simple outline of the weekend’s festivities along with few important numbers or a link to your wedding website helps keeps your guests informed.

Don’t forget to consider your assembly timing and the shelf life of the treats. I love including fresh apples or oranges, but that requires assembly about a week prior to an event. If you’d like to make something that can be assembled much further in advance, look to candies or snacks that will keep longer. Also keep in mind, If you remove a sugary treat like a lollipop from it’s original packaging, it can melt when exposed to air or humidity.

Wedding Welcome Gift Assembled welcome gift

1. Large Container: It’s best to start with the large container and add in items from there. I prefer boxes over open baskets because they can be packed, stacked and easily delivered without making a mess of the contents; but most any container will do.
2. Small containers: Consider small paper boxes, muslin bags, glassine bags and plastic boxes to hold your little treats inside the main box. Packaging your own snacks is one of the most cost effective ways to create a welcome gift. While prepackaged items can start around a dollar per unit, you can purchase food in bulk and then divide them among smaller containers for a fraction of the cost.

Tags and Labels
1. Outer tags: A perfect way to give your gift style and a personal welcome.
2. Embellishments: I like to embellish my treats and water bottles with a little label or these closure stickers.

Bottled Water Pattern Wraps

Customize your bottles with printed wraps

Printable Water Bottle Wraps
Download Here
Simply download this pdf, print it out on adhesive backed paper, and trim. Remove the existing label from a small water bottle and apply the new label. These can be wrapped around most mini bottles (the ones shown are Deer Park brand). If you don’t have adhesive backed paper, plain white paper can be used instead (Secure the label to the bottle by a dot of hot glue at the label’s seam)

Wedding Welcome Tag

Finished outer tag

Outer Tag
Download Here
Download this pdf and open it using a pdf viewer. Adobe Acrobat and Preview will show a text box with the words “YOUR TEXT HERE”. (If you don’t see these words, try another pdf viewing program) Click on the text area and enter your own information. I suggest a greeting for your location, or a greeting like “to jane and josh’s wedding”. Once you’ve edited the tag, print it out on heavy weight stock, and trim. Punch a hole in the top, thread it with ribbon or string and wrap it around your gift.

After you’ve planned your gift around the essentials, I love to add in some extra little details. In this set, I added some inexpensive aviator sunglasses and an ivory wrap. Both items I found for less than $1. I’ve listed links from this set along with some of my favorite resources for welcome gifts below:

Rock Candy and Goldfish (shown), Amazon

Seagrass Box (shown), Jayson home

Sunglasses, Private Island Party

Boxes, Bags and Totes, Noble Pack

Glassine Bags and Stickers, Minted

Patterned Totes, Forever 21

City Guides, Herb Lester and Luxe

Vintage Style Postcards (pre stamp for your guests to mail), Cavallini

Double Faced Satin Ribbon, Midori

Custom Pencils and Tins, Oriental Trading Company

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