Grown-up Confetti Poppers for Fourth of July

By Jenny of Hank and Hunt

I have always loved the loud pop of confetti poppers, they have been one of my favorite things since before I was old enough to use them. Like sparklers, they are kind of an initiation to your first real 4th of July experience. Let’s throwback a bit and decorate those confetti poppers you can buy everywhere, even your grocery store. I think they still look exactly the same as they did decades ago. With a little crepe paper fringe, we can gussy up even the worst eighties fonts, ok, cover up. Everything is better with a little fringe…

You will need confetti poppers, crepe paper folds (in red, white and blue), scissors and double stick tape.

Step 1: Cut strips off the end of the crepe paper fold about 1 inch wide. Carefully unfold pull string from side of popper.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut fringe along one edge of strips. Keep folded to make a bunch really fast. Unfold.

Step 3: Add two strips of double stick tape to the sides of the confetti popper. Start at bottom and wrap the blue fringe around the popper in a spiral towards the top.  Stop about one third the way up.

Step 4: Add white fringe and keep spiraling around the popper until you reach two thirds the way up.

Step 5: Add red fringe and continue to cover the whole popper. Secure end with a small piece of double stick tape underneath.

Stack these pretties on a platter next to the sparklers and get ready to celebrate the country’s birthday with flair. Even grown-ups deserve a little confetti once in a while.

Note: these poppers are super loud and are better for adult parties, please only use outside and cover little ears if you have small children present.

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  2. There is no end to the uses for tissue paper. These look festive and fun!

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