Notched Paper Garland

By Victoria of A Subtle Revelry

Creating that artistic DIY look at your wedding doesn’t need to involve serious crafting skills, an artillery of tools, or 2 months of work. Finding simple projects that bring a huge bang for their time and cost is one of the best things about the DIY wedding movement. This simple notched circle garland is the epitome of ease and with a few well chosen colors will make a pretty statement on your special day.

To make the notched paper garland;

1) Use a 1/2 inch hole punch and a stack of pretty colored scrapbook paper and quickly punch out the circles you will need for the garland. Twelve circles per foot of garland is a good number.
2) Use a coordinating length of embroidery thread and begin gluing the circles onto the thread with hot glue. Attaching the glue to one circle and then backing it to the next with the string in the middle is a simple way to create this look.
3) Use a pair of scissors to cut notches in the circle garland about every 3rd or fourth one to create pretty texture and an eye catching display.
4) Hang the paper garland up over a welcome table, bar or even in mass as a whimsical DIY ceremony backdrop.

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