DIY Party Blowers

By Olivia Kanaley, DIY Editor

Party blowers

Add some pop to your party! These custom party blowers are an extra special accent at any affair and best of all you can alter the colors to suit your style. We choose a palette of bright jewel tones and metallics for a dramatic summer look.  Read on for complete instructions.
Party blowers


Wedding Trends: Grace, Audrey and Bianca

By Celisse, Perfection Team at Minted

What do Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Bianca Jagger have in common?

Their striking individuality.

When I think about weddings, or my dream wedding, I get a bit nervous. Weddings, I think to myself, are supposed to be a certain way: traditional & formal. Right? Well, they certainly can be, but do they HAVE to be? Not at all. Just like Grace, Audrey and Bianca we are all uniquely our own. We too have our own tastes, styles, likes and dislikes. Our own favorite songs, flavors and flower and what I am learning is that you your wedding day doesn’t have to be anything but exactly what you hope it to be.


Polka Dot Fans

By Rachael Smith of Penelope and Pip

Polka Dot Fans DIY

If you’re having a summer wedding, you’ll no doubt want to offer your guests a pretty way to stay cool.

These polka dot fans can be made in the palette of your wedding and only take a minute to make. They’ll make your photos pop with gorgeous colour too.

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Minted Community Winner’s Certificates

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Today we are very excited to introduce you to our brand new winner’s certificates! The Minted Community is an incredibly talented and driven group. Every challenge welcomes new artists and invites new styles and ideas. We are constantly in awe of the quality (and quantity) of submissions and by the supportive and constructive feedback that artists offer to each other to make every design better. The result is always an outstanding group of top-voted designs.

These brand new winner’s certificates were created with love to recognize the incredible accomplishment of the designers whose work is voted into the top 3 of each Minted challenge. It is truly a remarkable and amazing feat and is certainly something to be celebrated! Each one includes the winning design’s name, designer, and challenge details and is personally signed by Mariam Naficy, our CEO & Founder. We think they are really something special (if we do say so ourselves)!

Over the next few weeks, we will start mailing these certificates to every top 3 winner for all challenges in 2013. We’re also happy to send certificates by request for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place wins in earlier challenges whose submission occurred before 2013. Just fill out this quick and easy form. We hope that each certificate will be a great reminder of an incredible achievement!


Easy Colorful Crayon Place Cards

By Jenny of Hank and Hunt

I’m going to give full credit to my oldest child for this DIY. He showed me how you can use a black crayon and a pencil to make fabulous drawings that are bright and colorful. He taught me the skills and I turned it into a party DIY. It’s how we roll at casa H+H. If you haven’t looked at a crayon since your wonder years, it’s time to check out the vibrant hues and neon shades that have joined the traditional palette of old. A simple few minutes of coloring on card stock and you too can make a unique and fun place card for your next dinner party.


DIY Paper Flower Bouquet for a Bridal Shower

By Kelli Hall, a Minted Community Designer

I love the tradition of creating a rehearsal bouquet from ribbons collected during a bridal shower, but it can feel a little expected. I recently hosted a close friend’s bridal shower, and for a fresh twist, I gave her a few paper flowers created from the party confetti we used at her event. It stays true to the custom of taking pieces from the bridal shower and crafting a stand-in bouquet for the wedding rehearsal, but instead of a tangle of ribbons on a paper plate, she’ll have pretty handmade paper flowers to carry.

To make these flowers…


Golden Heart Swizzle Stick

By Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry

Serve your wedding drinks in style with these golden heart swizzle sticks. They are an easy way to create a celebratory feeling as your guests are served and keep the love going all night long.

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Designer to Know: Missy Austin

By Maia McDonald of Design Conundrum

I’m totally smitten with the design work of Missy Austin, maybe I’m a little biased because she’s fellow former Wisconsinite, but I think it’s more likely because her work is awesome. Now calling the Twin Cities home, and working for award winning design firm Zeus Jones, Missy’s design style is so fun and colorful. With an eye for typography and iconography her work includes those special touches that take a design to the next level, which I love.

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Modern Sensibilities Special Prize Winners

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

We are playing a bit of catch up here at Minted art – and are so happy to (finally!) announce the special picks for the Modern Sensibilities Art Challenge. Each challenge tends to have its own flavor and this one stood out for strong graphics, the elevation of common objects and beautiful photographs.

Congratulations, winners!

Urban Chic Award for the best art print suited to a modern, urban home

Rings” by 2birdstone

A grid of thickly drawn black circles is interspersed in a pattern variation with varying colors of yellow and red. Stark in its simplicity, it’s the ultimate urban accessory – chic, modern and versatile. Mix with one of the other pieces from artist Ashley of 2birdstone for a larger wall. Perfect for a New York loft or Los Angeles apartment.

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