Kids Duct Tape Wrist Bands

By Merrilee of Mer Mag

These simple and fun kids duct tape wrist bands are just the thing to keep your little one creative and entertained during these hot summer months.
And depending on their age, this is something they can do completely by themselves. The options of decorating them are truly endless and you’ll truly love seeing what they come up with!

  1. To begin roll out a strip of duct tape with sticky side up. Roll out another the same size.
  2. Place the second strip directly atop the other one, sticky sides together.
  3. Now for the fun part. Decorate your band with fun shapes and colors. Tip: Place duct tape on top of wax paper and the cut into fun shapes. You can even use punches such as the circle punch we used for the pink bracelet.
  4. Now using another strip of duct tape, cut in half length wise, tape off both the top and bottom of the wrist band.
  5. Measure the wrist band to what size you want and then trip
  6. Roll into a cuff and tape together ends to form wrist band.
Now be sure to have fun creating a variety of wrist cuffs with different colors and designs!

And you can even have fun making designs on both sides of your cuff for double the fun!

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