Statement Necklaces Under $100 for your Wedding Day

By Lauren of A Fabulous Fete
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There are so many different directions you can take these days when choosing the jewels for your wedding. And of course, your dress is a huge factor when making that decision. I do love a bride that takes a chance and goes with a modern statement necklace though. Here are a just a few styles that will work with a large selection of dress necklines.

If you are having a bohemian, beach, or any kind of wedding that is related to nature and the outdoors, the picks above are some choices that will blend perfectly. Picking something like these that tie in with your theme is just another fun way to infuse that style into your get up. Whether it’s a nod to the beach with coral, or tribal influenced design, there are so many choices out there to choose from.

1. layered beads // 2. coral // 3. multi colored stones // 4. rope bib style

statement necklace

The next (and my favorite!) are the loud, large, and colorful pieces. Not for the shy bride. These picks are definitely great with a simple gown that is designed with a simple neckline. But with the right shape, i’m sure you can work any of these into your look.

1. White rope and stone // 2. Yellow and purple gemstones // 3. Simple pink and silver crystals // 4. Green and coral stars // 5. Neon yellow accents // 6. Orange and pink combination

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If you aren’t up for the in your face styles, you can always stick with something more classic and simple, but still with that modern “statement” look. These are also nice for layering. If you want a chunkier eclectic look, layer a few together to get the exact combo you want. And also something nobody else will have!

1. Round crystals // 2. Gold chain // 3. Yellow arrows // 4. Vintage inspired with rope

The best part about all of these (besides the affordable price tags) is that they don’t go in a jewelry box never to be seen again after your big day. Pair with a t-shirt and jeans after the honeymoon and you have yourself a chic weekend look!

  1. Such a fabulous range of styles, colors and materials for brides to choose from!

  2. Jean

    These colors compliment each other very well.