Simple Painted Candles

By Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry

Nothing says wedding quite like a row of glowing candles, but it can sometimes be hard to find affordable candles that coordinate with wedding decor. Instead buy white tapers in bulk and spend an afternoon painting them yourself. The result is a very artistic display in the perfect color combo for your special day.

To make the simple painted wedding candles:

1) Use good quality acrylic paint and a foam paint brush to get the best effect.

2) Hold each candle by the tip and paint in smooth strokes upwards.

3) Turn upside down in cups to dry.

Once dry display the candles in any number of holders, they look especially artistic in a mismatched vintage set.

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  1. I love this idea! The candles look so pretty and I’m all about being able to use the bazillions of colors in the craft paint aisle. Can you still burn candles that have been painted?

    • Skylar

      I’m an artist, and work with both Acrylic and Oil paints. The portion with the Acrylic on it should NOT be burned as Acrylic paint is basically plastic (acrylic polymer emulsion) and when plastic burns it gives off bad fumes and is a HEALTH HAZARD.