5 minute backyard flower arrangement

By Kelli Hall, a Minted Community Designer
backyard flower clippings I don’t have much of a green thumb and am guilty of letting our tiny backyard grow wild—But I love using our overgrown bushes, flowering plants and clipped herbs for a bright spot of color at my desk. Here’s how I create a simple arrangement in under five minutes.

loose flower clippings

loosely gathered yard clippings

I start with a pair of scissors and look around the yard to find colored flowers and bushes or herbs for texture. For this arrangement, I collected star jasmine (a flowering vine), hydrangea, flowering parsley and several clippings from a leafy bush. The garden rose was donated by a willing neighbor who was happy to share a single bloom. The exact type of flower unimportant and almost any plant cuttings will do (Even tree branches and tall grasses can work beautifully). Once I’ve gathered all the clippings, I re-trim the stems and drop them loosely into a large jar filled with water.

clipped bushes for flower greenery

start with green clippings

Any small container will work for a little arrangement. I’ve used a jam jar in this case, but tea cups, bowls and cans work equally as well. Starting with a water-filled container, I pull flowers from the large jar and arrange them in the smaller container, adding the green clippings first and tucking the flowers into the spaces around the greenery. I like to keep things super simple and add the flowers to create a relaxed free-form shape. I also try to keep things a little uneven, Bunching more flowers on one side and more greenery on the other for a loose, asymmetrical look.

yard flower clippings

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