baby shower message board

By Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fav

Last weekend I co-hosted a baby shower where over 60 people came! While I knew an organized activity was out of the question (not that I’m a fan of traditional baby shower games anyway), I wanted to create a way where guests could feel like they were participating in some small way and the mama-to-be could remember who attended. So I created this well wish board and placed it by the entrance. Here’s the easy tutorial.


  • foam presentation board
  • patterned fabric or wrapping paper
  • masking tape
  • small envelopes and business cards (I got these at Paper Source)

Step one: Wrap fabric or paper around the board, pull tight, and secure with tape on the back side. Fold corners like you would a present for clean edges.

Step two: Adhere small envelopes to the fabric covered board with masking tape on the back. Add a little sign with instructions on what the guests are supposed to do.

Step three: Prop-up board in an area where guests will easily see it. Place business cards and pens right next to it so they can share their wish.

Step four: After the party is over, collect all the cards and arrange them in a book for the parents.

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