DIY Gold Leafing Wedding Invitations and Envelopes

By Karly of Oscar and Emma, a Minted Designer

Including touches of gold accents to your wedding invitations and envelopes is the perfect way to add a little extra elegance without a lot of cost.  On a recent trip to the craft store, I came across a gold leafing pen and I knew I had the perfect project in mind.  Here are some ways you can do it yourself…


Minted Wedding Invitations printed on Luxe Museum Board & Minted Wedding Envelopes (be sure to order plenty of extras for any mishaps)
– Sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper
– 18kt. Gold Leafing Pen (found at Michaels Arts & Crafts Store)
– Chip Clip

Please note: Creating the gold leaf edges on your invitations is a slow & steady process and should be considered a more advanced project, so be sure you try it out before committing to doing it on all your wedding invitations.  The process of gold leafing your envelopes is much easier and is a beginning level project.
Step 1:  Read the instructions on your gold leafing pen.  You will need to get the tip of the pen prepped and ready to begin the leafing process.

Step 2:  Using a chip clip, tightly stack together a set of 4 wedding invitations.
Step 3:  Hold the stack of invitations firmly as you begin to carefully paint the edges of the invitations.  Allow them to dry completely, then repeat on all edges.


Step 1: Place a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper on a smooth and sturdy surface.  Then, place an opened envelope (adhesive flap side facing down) on top of the paper.  Use another sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper on top of the envelope, except leave a 1/4″ strip of the envelope flap visible.

Step 2:  Simply use your gold leafing pen to evenly coat the 1/4″ area of the envelope that is visible.  Let each envelope dry completely before stuffing and addressing your invitations.

There you have it!  A great solution for adding metallic finishing touches to your beautiful Minted Wedding Invitations.  The fun doesn’t have to stop here either.  Why not use the gold leafing pen on some kraft wedding favor boxes or table number cards?  The possibilities are endless.

  1. I bet this would look pretty with silver too. What a great idea, thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is a great idea! I especially love the way metallic looks on krafts paper. This is a very practical way to add a little something extra to your suite. I’ll be pitching this as party of an invitation suite im currently working on, thanks! And PS: I absolutely adore the look of this blog, so clean and beautiful. I’d expect nothing less from a killer team like bri emery and zoe rooney!

  3. Shannon

    Oh, I love the gold leafing pen 🙂

  4. Meg G.

    This is awesome Karly! I didn’t even know these pens existed. Loving the touch of gold on the envelope flaps. (Thanks for including one of our invitations too!)

  5. These turned out beautifully! Wonderful idea!

  6. lena b.

    GORGEOUSSSSS! Great idea!

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  8. Karly

    So happy you all liked it! Thanks for the wonderful comments.

  9. Mya

    This is such a fantastic idea! And, I love how this DIY seems so easy; anyone can do it!