Note from the Editor

By Liz Stanley, Managing Editor

Even though it’s still May for one last day, it’s really starting to feel like summer now that my son is done with school for the year. Like many parents, I’m racking my brain to figure out how to entertain him all. summer. long. Luckily for us, the internet has a bazillion genius + cheap ideas to keep little hands and legs busy outside.

Here’s a roundup of some fun outdoor activities to try with your kids this summer:

A water party for those hot summer afternoons

Make an obstacle course in the yard or park with easy stuff around the house (image above)

Help them tie dye their bed sheets!

Butterfly catching at the park

A beach scavenger hunt

Make a delicious and fun giant banana split for all the neighborhood kids to join in on


Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors


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