Gatsby Inspired Glasses

Gatsby Wine Glass DIY

If you want to add a little 1920s glam to your wedding or your next dinner party, these gorgeous glasses will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into a scene from The Great Gatsby in no time.

Pearls, sequins and glittery jewels are all you need to make your glasses sparkle…

Gatsby Wine Glasses DIY Materials

  • Wine glass
  • Assorted sequins, jewels, pearls
  • Paint brush
  • Glue (make sure it sticks plastic to glass)

Gatsby Glasses DIY Step By Step

Step 1: Separate your sequins, jewels and pearls into groups so that you can easily see the sizes you have to work with. Take four big jewels and use the paintbrush to glue them onto the base of your glass.
Step 2: Glue a smaller jewel or sequin in between these large jewels.
Step 3: Keep working around your glass, gluing sequins and jewels in groups. Add in some pearls as well.
Step 4: Don’t forget to add some tiny jewels to give your glass a more delicate look.

Gatsby Glasses DIY

These glasses would look beautiful on the bridal table and add a little bit of sparkle to any special occasion.

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