Kids Paper Strip Monogram Art

This paper strip monogram artwork is sure to be a keepsake with the help of your little one’s handiwork. Not only will they love identifying with their own initial, but they’ll love that they made this with their own hands.

To make this you will need…

  • Your child’s first initial printed onto an 8.5″x11″ (or larger) sheet of card stock. You can find hollow fonts, such as Arialic Hollow, for free, which work great.
  • Multiple sheets of colored, patterned paper cut down into strips (choosing them from the same color family helps to add a unified touch).
  • glue or adhesive.
  1. Have your child begin by gluing strips down within the letter (they only need a touch a glue for strips to stay in place).
  2. Encourage them to mix it up and rotate between a number of varying patterns and colors.
  3. Continue placing strips down until the entire letter is covered.
  4. Don’t be afraid to overlap the strips as this really adds a bit of artistic interest.

Now your child has their very own custom monogram artwork to place over their bed or place on a shelf! Just don’t forget to write their age on the back so you can remember just how old they were. It’s sure to be a keepsake for years to come!


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  1. Doing this. I bought paper mache initials and wooden initials for the boys to decorate this summer. Now I can choose some of my cute paper!

    • Love the idea of doing this on a paper mache letter. perfect!


  2. Merrilee, I love this. So simple, and I think anyone can give a nice own twist to this project!

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