Call for Entries – Special Picks Part II

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

Here in the Bay Area, the weather is starting to get warmer, the days are growing long, and we are spending more time outdoors when not looking at Minted Art. A number of the special picks from our recent Call for Entries challenge remind us that inspiration can be found all around – whether from a retro style Ferris wheel or a monochromatic study of peppers, perhaps ready to be grilled on a light-filled evening.

Best Photograph

California Dreams by Alexandra Nazari

Los Angeles, CA

This photograph exemplifies the nature of its given title by presenting a leisurely activity against a cloudless California sky. The lack of horizon offers the viewer an unusual perspective that is simultaneously seductive as well as a bit disorienting – mimicking the experience of the ride on a Ferris wheel.  An iconic row of palm trees creates a lower border for the photograph while the bright orange cars on the wheel reach up and out to the sky.

Best Painting

Painted Grunge by aticnomar (Ramoncita Campo)

Minglanilla, Phillipines

We were delighted to receive this submission from Minted community artist Ramoncita Campo of the Philippines. Warm colors of ochre and gold mix and flow into the cooler shades of blue creating an amalgam traditional of hues and organic pattern. The tones and shapes swirl together in a seemingly ever-changing eddy. I think this would be stunning in a large format – and could work equally well in a modern or more home.

Best Graphic

Three Hot Peppers by Jack Jones

Pasadena, CA

Three peppers, presented in a woodcut format, are loosely stacked on the edge of a square surface. The casual arrangement of two darker peppers underneath a larger one are shown in a detailed view, allowing the viewer to note the etched lines imitating wood grain. Woodcuts are a very old technique employed by artists, yet the choice of subject and the up close view lands this piece in time and place as modern.

Curator’s Choice

Three Spaces by PHEP Design

Central Coast, CA

This spectacular monochromatic image by the Central Coast’s PHEP Design features intersecting white lines across a plane of black. In the lower corner, the lines and fields start to move in on one another creating an origami like effect, puzzling the viewer’s eye on where the folds start and stop. I find myself looking at this piece over and over again – seeing new elements in the way a puzzle slowly reveals itself with continued contemplation.