DIY Painted Chargers

I’m crazy over chargers and making my place settings simple but beautiful. If you have ever looked for a pretty charger you know that your options are limited, unless you are willing to spend a bundle. I decided to take matters into my own hands and with cheap plastic chargers and a little craft paint, we have something unique, modern and colorful. This weekend is Memorial Day and kicks off the summer season, a time for BBQs, backyard feasts and family fun. This is the perfect addition to your summer table. These would even be gorgeous at a summer wedding or shower. You could even make spare sets for hostess gifts.

Supplies: plastic chargers, plastic primer spray paint, craft paint, clear sealant (if desired)

Step 1: Snag cheap plastic chargers (these were fifty cents each) at your local craft store off season. It doesn’t matter what color these start out as, just use the smooth surface kind.

Step 2: Lay a foam core board on the ground (or newspaper) and spray one light coat across the top with plastic primer spray. Let dry.

Step 3: Pick your choice of colors and dot various colors  around the charger. Each dot should be less than the size of a dime.

Step 4: Using your brush, start blending the colors with a paint brush. Note: you will want to keep large chunks of the colors clear and true to the original and just let the colors kiss a bit. Do this by cleaning  the brush every so often. If not, your paint will end up all mixed. You are going for “abstract painting.”

Mess up? Just let it dry and paint over the portion that is too mixed or the whole thing. This is a forgiving DIY.

Step 5: Once you have covered the whole charger, check your edges for any remaining white spots and touch up with color.

Step 6: For an enduring charger, spray the charger with clear coat. This will give it an added barrier to last longer, but this is optional. Let dry. Set your table and have a fiesta or a romantic dinner for two.

For under $10 for 4 chargers that look like miniature works of art, how can you not add this DIY to your summer entertaining must haves? The best part is that it doesn’t matter what color these chargers start out as, your guests will never know.

  1. I LOVE these, Jenny!!! What a perfect way to add a ton of color to your table for not a lot of money. I can’t wait to make some!

  2. i feel so plate-knowledge-impaired – i had no idea what a charger was until this post! super cute idea, jenny!

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