Simply Styled Cutlery Bundles

Pretty floral cutlery bundles When warmer weather shows up, I find myself hosting casual dinners with one of two vibes: Polished and pretty or low-budget and laid-back. With this in mind, I’ve created two different types of cutlery bundles to style the table and complement each dinner.  I’ve avoided fussy folds or ornate presentation, and focused on easy assembly with special touches.

Floral and Patterned Cutlery Bundles

Pretty and Polished Dinner: I love mixing polished flatware with a variety of patterned and solid linens. For these bundles, I’ve used printed tea towels and a vintage solid linen. To assemble, fold any linen in half and roll cutlery inside. Then tie off the bundle with twine and tuck a fresh herb sprig under the knot. Try mixing patterns, colors and different herbs for a colorful tablescape.

Pretty florals and Grapefruit Rosemary Cocktail

The pretty and polished set was inspired by this image of a vibrant floral arrangement, along with a drink that’s become one of my summer staples: A grapefruit and rosemary cocktail.

Bundled flatware with mint

A variation on this pretty and fresh set can be created by eliminating the rolled napkin, and tying your cutlery together with a bunch of fresh herbs. I like to lay these on on top of a loosely folded napkin at each place setting.

Kraft bag and Birch cutlery Low-Budget and Laid-Back Dinner: Paperware and plastic can still be special. I also love how it can feel perfectly easy and understated. I found these kraft paper treat bags and ran them through the printer to add some “let’s eat” text (You can also stamp or hand-write “enjoy” on each bag). The key is to keep it unfussy. Then simply insert a paper napkin and stuff with birch cutlery.

Rustic table and Napkin Coozie

The laid-back set was inspired by this image of a rustic table setting and my favorite drink to serve at BBQs: A beer wrapped in a paper napkin and secured with a bit of Baker’s twine.

cutlery tied to paper plate For an alternate option on a disposable flatware set, punch two holes in a paper plate and secure forks and knives to the plate with a piece of raffia. It’s great for guests to easily hold everything in one hand. (This works perfectly for desserts since it’s easy to pass it around.)

Credits: Summer Flower centerpiece / Grapefruit Rosemary Cocktail Recipe / Rustic Table

Floral Linen Tea Towel, Lisa Rupp

Mint Linen Towel, Margot Bianca

Birch Cutlery, Ebay

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